10 Best Double End Bags in 2019 – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 24.07.19


Top Double End Bags – Guide & Comparison


If you want to find out everything you need to know about the best double end bag for you, read the following article. We browsed many double end bag reviews and came to the conclusion that a good choice for you is the Title Boxing Bag. A well-known brand in this industry, Title offers you a high-quality product, with an exterior manufactured from leather stitched with triple nylon thread for added durability. The punching bag features two straps that are made from leather as well. These strap ends have strong chrome O-rings so that they can be securely fitted to the elastic chords. The item also comes with two rubber cables that feature S-hooks, used in mounting the bag. The product bounces back properly and it’s a good piece of equipment to train your reflexes. If you don’t find this product for sale, we also recommend the Combat Sports Heavy double end punching bag.



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There are many options at your disposal when it comes to good double end punching bags, but we did our research and managed to narrow them down to ten products, in order to save you some time. Read their characteristics and decide what item suits your needs the most.



Title Boxing Bag


This double end striking bag is a good choice as it’s made completely from genuine leather. It features triple stitching with nylon thread, therefore you can be sure those seams will hold up.

Moreover, the two attached straps are also made from leather so that they don’t break. The leather exterior combined with the strong stitching gives this double end bag great durability.

The bag is not extremely large like other models and both looks and performs great. It is lightweight and its rebounds are fast. This greatly enhances your speed and reflexes during training.

This item is suitable for beginner or veteran fighters and even teenagers and kids with too much energy for their parents to handle.

Its small size means that the bag is portable. It can be placed anywhere in your home, and it’s perfect for small houses where you don’t have the required space for a large double end bag stand.

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Combat Sports Heavy


This heavy double end bag setup weighs 45 pounds and features heavy-duty nylon straps that are reinforced. The exterior is covered in synthetic leather with two types of textures.

It is manufactured from eight stitched panels as opposed to other models that have only four. This is an advantage, as punching bags with four panels give them a boxy shape.

It is a good bag for recreating situations where you need to strike with uppercuts and its shape allows you to place shots that impact the bag in a realistic way.

Moreover, you can train your kicks as well. It’s important to keep in mind that his bag is not made for hard punching. Fighters who train on it should aim to improve their techniques, movement, timing, and defense.

As this is a double end punching bag, it has a rebound that will put you in the situation where you need to block. This further enhances the boxing experience.  

Buy from Amazon.com for ($134.2)




Cleto Reyes Double


This double end speed bag is compact and lightweight. It is a great addition for anyone who lives in a small house and doesn’t have the necessary room for a heavy punching bag.

As a result, you can easily move it from one room to another. This type of Mexican double end punching bag has a length of 23 inches and a 7-inch diameter.

The bag is manufactured from premium leather and stitched together with strong nylon thread. In addition, the hooking loops at the ends are made from the same durable leather, so this product can withstand rough striking sessions. Its rebound is swift and its purpose is to improve your precision, reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

The package contains two cables made from rubber to attach your bag to the ceiling and floor. However, it is worth mentioning that it does not come with the swivels and the mounts you need to secure it.

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Cleto Reyes for Boxing Training


The Cleto Reyes for Boxing punching bag is a traditional type sports gear that is designed to improve your jabs and hook punches.

Like the majority of these types of punching bags, you will greatly improve your striking precision, focus, and stamina. Premium leather covers its surface and nylon lining holds everything together.

The product requires two swivels and two elastic bands in order to attach the bag to the ceiling and floor. Unfortunately, these items need to be acquired separately.

However, the manufacturer includes a spare bladder inside the package, just in case the existing one leaks air. The bag is smaller than what most brands manufacture, but is faster, especially if you hit it harder.

The smooth exterior surface doesn’t irritate the skin even if you choose to punch the bag with your bare hands and it’s easy to clean, as sweat and dead skin particles don’t grip its texture.

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Cleto Reyes Red


This product is roughly simulating the shape of an opponent’s head. The bright red color helps you during training and facilitates successfully landed strikes even when the punching bag is rapidly moving.

This design is not for hard punching but more for cardio workouts and precision boxing. This having been said, the bag can take a beating well enough.

The exterior is well sewn and the product’s overall dimensions are 7 inches by 11 inches. This compact bag is a good training tool because it manages through its fast recoiling to improve your dodging and defense techniques. Many times you only achieve this by training with a partner.

By training with this punching bag you also improve your hand-eye coordination as well as your reflexes. Both of these are crucial elements that will give you the advantage in any match, whether it’s boxing, MMA, BJJ, or any other.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($89.49)




Title Boxing Muhammad Ali


Manufactured from synthetic leather, this double end boxing bag is well balanced and triple stitched along the sides. It comes with a butyl rubber bladder that ensures durability and quick rebounds that improve your boxing speed, defense techniques, and footwork.

This authenticated and licensed line of good double end punching bags has been created as a tribute to the boxing champion. The welted seams and double welded extremities of this punching bag lead to precise actions and immediate results.

The surface is easy to clean after each training session. This can be done with a clean rag and to further inhibit bacterial growth you have the option of using an antimicrobial spray.

Regarding the color scheme, this product comes in a combination of black and gold with the logo of the company and the name Ali screen-printed on its sides. There are two available sizes that you can purchase: 7 inches and 9 inches.

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Ring to Cage Mexican Style


The Ring to Cage is a Mexican style double end punching bag. This means that it is somewhat different from the traditional bags that are more common.

It is made up of two spheres that join together and roughly form the shape of the number 8. This leads to more striking options as you have a larger target area that sits at different angles in front of you.

As this shape resembles a human body, you have the opportunity to train your uppercuts and head-body punching combinations. The exterior surface of this punching bag is entirely manufactured from leather.

Even the loops that attach the main punching bag to the o-rings are made from riveted leather, which greatly increases the product’s durability.

The inside of the bag is made from two identical rubber bladders that are filled with compressed air. The cables required for you to mount this piece of sports equipment are not included.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($54.95)




ProForce Double End Striking


The traditional style ProForce double end bag is designed to be suspended at shoulder height in order to improve your timing, speed, and striking accuracy.

To mount it you must attach it to the ceiling by using a nylon cord then attach the other end to the floor with a different type of cable manufactured from a thick elastic material.

The product features various sown and attached steel rings for reinforcement. These primarily have the purpose of attaching the elastic chords to the punching bag. Fortunately, all the hardware components needed, including a user’s manual, are included in the ordered package.

The exterior of this piece of equipment is made from black painted leather which means that the item is extremely resistant to wear. You will have no problems even if you have long training sessions on this punching bag.  

Buy from Amazon.com for ($55.99)




Hypnotik ProMAX


With an exterior made from synthetic leather, this product manages to bring good value, without breaking the bank. The butyl valve bladder can be changed and removed through a side opening that is later lace closed. The product comes with durable rubber cords that are fitted with metal hooks on both sides.

This traditional double end punching bag has a spherical shape and can be approached from any direction. Some customers claim it’s a little large, but it works fine as a training tool.

If you order this product from online sources, bare in mind that some clients have received the rubber bungees damaged and therefore unusable. However, these are isolated cases.

The bright orange and yellow color scheme combination makes this punching bag highly visible even when you punch it hard and it rebounds fast. This helps you in delivering successful strikes.

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Title Infused Foam


Inside the synthetic leather shell that is triple stitched with nylon thread, this boxing double end bag houses impact-absorbing foam.

This core does a great job as a filling material and has been designed by the Title company in order to prevent the users from ever having to replace a leaking bladder or refill it with air. The foam maintains realistic feedback when the bag is hit.

In addition, it keeps the double end bag light and fast. The unique design of this Title double end bag gives it a better rebound and improves your reaction times and the precision of your punches. The less time you spend maintaining bladders, the more time you have to enjoy this piece of equipment and training.

The seams are completely welted and the security loops are riveted. The item comes with all the needed hardware, such as two heavy-duty elastic rubber cables and S-hooks for mounting the bag.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Besides the classical heavy punching bag, a model that you can either hang from the ceiling or have it mounted on a heavy base, you have the option of acquiring what is called a double end bag. This sports equipment is much smaller and gives you the possibility of training more specific techniques.

Because it’s a lot lighter compared to a traditional punching bag, this one also moves faster and it’s designed to come back at you after you strike it. This leads to better training of your reflexes and defense abilities. Training on such a bag means that you don’t need a sparring partner.

Here is some in-depth information about what you should consider before buying this kind of punching bag.

Types of double-end bags

The type of double-end bag that you most likely already know is the traditional one. This punching bag almost always has a spherical shape that can vary in size and is attached by two elastic strings on both ends. Sometimes the bag resembles a speed bag in shape. The traditional bag type is suited for speed workouts involving fast strikes.

The other type of bag is called a Mexican style punching bag and it provides a more complex double end bag workout. The shape of the bag is different as well. It looks like two spheres that are joint together, similar to the shape of the digit 8. However, because of this, the bag weighs more and it doesn’t bounce as fast. Due to its shape, you can better practice uppercuts.

There is not a specific type that is better than the other because they are both used by fighters in their training sessions.


Exterior material

The two main materials used in punching bag manufacturing are either leather or synthetic. The pros and cons of each material are no secret as they are the same as for the most products made from one or the other.

Leather is extremely durable and the seams are less likely to wear out even after intense workout sessions. The main downside of this resistant material is the higher price. Similar to other boxing gear made from leather, such as boxing gloves, these items have a higher cost compared to their synthetic versions, especially when it comes to products such as an Everlast double end bag.

This having been said, synthetic cheap double end bags come with their own advantages. Even if they are not made from leather, these affordable products prove to be a good choice for people who are on a strict budget. In addition, the bags are much easier to clean as their surface is smoother. At the same time, the bags are less susceptible to staining.

Another thing to consider before buying a certain model of double end punching bag is the quality of the stitching. You should pay attention to this regardless of the material used to cover the exterior. If you are acquiring the product online, check its reviews to learn from previous buyers more information regarding the stitching quality.


Whether it’s made from latex or rubber, the bladder is the chamber that keeps the air inside and gives the punching bag its rigidity. The difference between these two materials is weight. Rubber bladders are heavier, are more durable and keep the air inside for a longer period of time than latex ones. However, due to their weight, they are not as fast as latex ones.

A punching bag that contains a latex bladder is lighter and moves faster, facilitating your speed and reflex training. The good part about both these types of bladders is that they can be interchanged and do not cost that much.




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