10 Best Everlast Boxing Gloves in 2019 – Reviews & Analysis

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Top Everlast Boxing Gloves – Guide & Comparison


We have Everlast is one of the top manufacturers of boxing gloves today. If you want to save time, read this article and learn everything you need to know about their products before spending your money on a certain product. Having already researched their offers ourselves, we recommend you check out the Everlast Pro Style training gloves. This model features excellent padding both on the front as well as on the back of the wrist. This enhances your punching technique and keeps your hand in the correct position. Moreover, the glove has the ThumbLok feature. This gives you even more protection and prevents your thumb from breaking if you happen to hit your opponent with just your thumb. Your knuckles are protected with a 2-layered foam padding that has shock-absorbing properties. If you can’t find this model for sale, we also recommend the Everlast New Pro Style boxing gloves.



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Highly Recommended Choices – Reviews & Comparison



After analyzing many Everlast boxing gloves reviews, we came to the conclusion that these are some of the greatest boxing gloves the company has to offer at the moment. Learn everything about their main features and decide on what model suits you best in your training or boxing activities.



Everlast Pro Style


These boxing gloves have all the Everlast technologies implemented. The ThumbLok feature protects your thumb bones from breaking should you throw a bad punch and also protect your opponent’s eyes in case those happen to be the target you end up hitting.

The palm of the gloves is made from EverCool mesh, which is a breathable material that favors air circulation and prevents your hands from overheating during intense training sessions. The EverFresh treatment means that the inside lining is antibacterial. The gloves will not develop any bad odors and will remain safe for you to wear as microbial growth is inhibited.

The padding is made of double-layered protective foam that absorbs the impact forces and disperses them. The cuffs are secured on your wrists by a hook and loop closure system. This allows you to adjust the gloves’ tightness by yourself even if you are wearing them.

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Everlast New Pro Style


The main feature of this design is the hourglass-shaped wrist section. The overall glove is made from one piece, which places the fist in a better position while you punch and optimizes the motion range. The EverCool technology increases the air circulation and prevents your hands from overheating and sweating too much.

The Everlast New Pro Style Design features Evershield padding that consists of reinforced foam. This protects the bones of your wrist and eliminates the risk of post-training aches. The exterior of the gloves is covered in synthetic leather. Their surface is smooth and easy to wash or wipe.

The gloves are secured using a Velcro strap. This gives the gloves great levels of comfort as they can be adjusted depending on your hand size and preference. For better grip, while punching and to prevent the glove from moving, this model includes a grip cord.

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Everlast Women’s Pro Style


These gloves are available in 12 ounces or 14 ounces and are designed mainly for female hands. This is why the gloves’ interior is smaller and many men might find them uncomfortable to wear. Some children, on the other hand, could find them comfortable.

The shape of the glove has a natural curve so that your fists are in proper alignment with your wrists. The closure mechanism uses a hook and loop system that secures the boxing gloves to your hand and prevents your wrists from bending the wrong way.

These gloves are excellent for sparring, fitness and mitt workouts. Their padding offers good protection and durability for extended periods of time and the synthetic leather protects them against sweat and friction forces.

In addition, the gloves feature the TumbLok patented technology that keeps the thumb in a safe position while you punch the heavy bag or your opponent.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($29.34)




Everlast PowerLock


These gloves have a modern look and keep your fist in an anatomically correct position during your training. The design is compact but offers everything you need from a professional pair of boxing gloves. The exterior surface is made of synthetic leather that protects the glove even when you are punching heavy bags or sparring intensely.

As many Everlast boxing gloves, this one features the ThumbLok technology, which protects your thumb against injuries by keeping it connected to the rest of your fist.

The cuffs are sturdy and the closure system uses a hook and loop to secure the gloves onto your wrists. The Velcro strap is easy to operate and you can equip these gloves or take them off by yourself.

You can buy these Everlast boxing gloves in 16 oz, which is perfect for increasing your strength and stamina. This pair comes in black and white with gold accents.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($54.99)




Everlast Pro Style Elite


The palm of this glove is made from a mesh material that allows air to circulate. Therefore, your hands are less likely to overheat during intense training or sparring sessions. The exterior of the gloves is made from synthetic leather. This provides decent durability and makes the gloves easy to clean as the surface is smooth enough not to catch any dirt or blood.

On the inside, the material has been treated with EverFresh technology. This means that the inner lining inhibits microbial growth and prevents bad odors.

Your gloves will always smell fresh and you will put them on without any hesitation. These boxing gloves are excellent for punching bags and for sparring.

As they feature the hook and loop closure system, they can be adjusted to perfectly fit your hands. The Velcro strap secures them tight and prevents the gloves from slipping when you throw hard punches at your target.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($39.97)




Everlast Women’s Powerlock


These Everlast 12-oz boxing gloves feature the powerlock technology. This means that the foam padding is molded into a shape that keeps your fists in a natural position inside the gloves. The boxing gloves are not very large, but that is to be expected as the main customers for these gloves are women.

This may be used to your advantage because smaller gloves give you a boost in speed. And as you punch faster, you are able to hit harder. For better protection of your hands and especially the thumb, the gloves feature the ThumbLok technology. This prevents you from injuring yourself or your opponent.

Velcro straps adjust how tight the gloves are fitted on your wrists and help you fit them on properly even while you wear them. You do not need a partner’s help in order to do that as you would in the case of lace up gloves.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($49.99)




Everlast Prime


These gloves do not have as much padding as other Everlast models; therefore, it is recommended to use them mainly for sparring, fitness, or light bag punching. These Everlast 14oz boxing gloves do a good job in keeping your fists in alignment with your wrist. Due to this reason, you won’t feel any pain after your training routines.

The shape of the gloves is natural and anatomically correct. You will deliver your best performance if you are wearing this protective equipment with minimum effort. The palm of the hand is made from a mesh material that favors air circulation and lowers the probability of you sweating very much or overheating.

The gloves do not come only in 14 ounces. You can also find them in 16 ounces sizes if you need something heavier to increase your workout difficulty. The gloves are covered in a blue synthetic leather that is easy to clean.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($35.98)




Everlast PowerLock


These Everlast black and gold boxing gloves are a good choice for bag punching and sparring. Their foam padding offers good protection and keeps your knuckles safe. The exterior is made from synthetic leather. This makes the gloves durable and gives them a long life even when used on punching heavy bags.

The gloves are secured to your wrist with cuffs that can be adjusted with the help of a Velcro strap. This is an advantage as you do not need a partner to lace you up and you can adjust the tightness of the gloves on the go, while you wear them.

The hands have a comfortable position inside of these gloves as the foam was molded on natural, anatomically correct shapes.

The Everlast boxing gloves reviews regarding this product are good, as customers are pleased with the way the product performs. It lasts a decent amount of time.

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Everlast 8 Oz


These black Everlast gloves are covered in premium synthetic leather and feature the ThumbLok technology. This protects you thumb from breaking and at the same time protects the eyes of your opponent from punches that land incorrectly. The product has a natural curvature that fits the hand well and makes you feel comfortable while wearing the gloves.

In addition, the EverFresh patented technology makes the interior of these gloves antimicrobial. The germ-growth is inhibited as the materials are treated and therefore your gloves will not smell bad after an intense workout.

The palm of the gloves is made from a breathable material that prevents overheating and stops you from sweating a lot inside the gloves.

The hook and loop mechanism ensures a secure fit on your wrists. In addition, you can adjust this fit at any time, by yourself. The wrist always remains in alignment with your fists.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($24.42)




Everlast Boxing Fitness Kit


This kit includes a pair of synthetic leather mitts and a pair of neoprene gloves. All the materials in this kit have been treated against microbial growth in order to prevent the items from developing bad odors. The neoprene gloves are extremely light and offer minimum protection. They are not designed for delivering heavy punches, but rather fast as accurate punches.

They do not have thumb protection, so your thumb is exposed. However, they provide high levels of comfort. The mitts have a small target in their center, which is the Everlast logo. This greatly helps the person who punches as he or she doesn’t have to refocus every time they switch their punching target.

If you plan on buying this kit, you have to take into consideration that you need a training partner. You can’t use this kit by yourself. If you want to improve your stamina and endurance this kit is for you.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Since 1917, Everlast has been manufacturing some of the best protective gear found in the sports of boxing and MMA. Here are some more detailed information about the company itself and the boxing gloves it sells. Read them so you can make an informed decision regarding what product you have to acquire.



Short history

Everlast is a reputable brand in the world of boxing. However, the company did not start by producing boxing protective gears, but instead, made its debut by manufacturing swimsuits in 1910, Bronx. Jacob Golomb was the son of a tailor and passionate swimmer and he wasn’t pleased by the quality of the available swimsuits at the time.

Those products barely lasted one season. Therefore he decided to manufacture his own swimsuits that would last an entire year. This is how Everlast was born. In the following years, Golomb’s business became a retail store that had an entire line of sportswear.

In 1917, a young boxer by the name of Jack Dempsey asked Golomb to build him a pair of sturdy boxing gloves that could last through 15 rounds of heavy punching. Two years later Jack Dempsey became a world heavyweight champion while wearing Golomb’s Everlast gloves. Since then this brand has set the standard for boxing gloves.


Patented technologies

Many companies that manufacture boxing gloves have invested time, money and energy over the years into new technologies that are meant to improve the quality of their products. Everlast certainly doesn’t make an exception.

EverCool is an Everlast patented technology that is present in many of their boxing or training gloves. This invention is basically a breathable mesh material that is part of the glove itself. It is usually placed on the palm of the hand and it allows air to better circulate through the glove.

This way your hands stay cool, as its name implies and the risk of overheating is greatly reduced. It is worth mentioning that this technology is not implemented only on boxing gloves. Everlast produces headgear models as well that are made using this technology. The material is light, therefore comfortable and allows your sweat to evaporate faster.

EverFresh is a method of treating the materials used in manufacturing boxing gloves or other Everlast protective gear. Its main purpose is to inhibit microbial growth and as a result, combat the risk of infections transmitted by blood. At the same time, the EverFresh technology prevents your gloves from getting a bad odor. Your gear will always be safe to wear and will smell fresh.

ThumbLok is Everlast’s way of securing the thumb to the rest of the glove. Many boxing gloves don’t have the thumb attached to the rest of the fist. This poses a high risk both to the person who wears the gloves as well as to his or her opponent. A badly thrown punch that only connects with the thumb can cause it to bend backward and break the bone.

At the same time, the opponent’s eyes are at risk as there is a chance you hit him in the eye only with your thumb. With ThumbLok, even if this is the case, your thumb will be dragged away from your opponent’s face by the rest of your fist, as all your fingers are connected.


Boxing gloves

Everlast sells its boxing gloves under two large categories: training gloves and fight gloves. Training gloves are used for sparring, bag punching, and fitness activities. These ones generally weigh more to increase your strength and stamina, but cost less, some of them being sold at only $20. The fighting gloves are fewer, lighter, but cost more, their prices starting at $80.




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