10 Best Free Standing Punching Bags Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 23.08.19


Best Free Standing Punching Bag Review – Top Rated Models in 2019 with Buying Guide


If you’re looking for the best free standing punching bag on the market, then the odds are you will find all about it in this article. We’ve done our research and after reading many reviews of free standing punching bags we came to the conclusion that the one that may best suit your needs is the Century Wavemaster XXL. This product is easy to install as the bag is simply screwed into the base component. It has a little bit of movement when punched, but this is a good thing as your hips do not take the full force of your kicks. The same is true for your fists when you are punching. The base can be filled with water or sand, but customers also filled it with gravel and claimed it did the job. If you can’t find this model, we also recommend the Century Cardio Wavemaster.



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Highly Recommended Choices – Reviews & Comparison



After analyzing the characteristics of many freestanding punching bags and reading many of the clients’ opinions regarding their pros and cons we compiled a list with some of the most highly acclaimed products. Learn all the information you need to know before deciding which one of these good free standing punching bags is for you.



Century Wavemaster XXL


This free standing punching bag has some improved features compared to the previous versions. Its 18-inch diameter combined with its 69-inch height offers a large impact surface that can withstand heavy blows.

The exterior surface is made from vinyl, a durable enough material to take kicks and punches without deteriorating. The low base does a great job in distributing its mass evenly and provides stability to the punching bag. The fill hole is very large so you will have no problem in pouring water or sand inside.

You don’t require any specialized tools to assemble it. You’ll see these punching bags freestanding wherever you choose to install them in no time.

The Wavemaster XXL comes in three colors: black, blue and red. This way you can better match your punching bag with your personal equipment or with the interior design of your gym or home. The base is always black.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($299.99)




Century Cardio Wavemaster


Just as its name implies, this free standing punching bag has been designed for cardio workouts. This means that you would perform fat burning and endurance enhancing exercises on this particular model. It is not suited for powerful kicks or punches.

Because of this and because it is not as heavy as other models, many believe this product should be used more by women rather than by men.

Once you fill up its base, it only weighs 170 pounds, so the majority of people shouldn’t have any problems moving it from one place to another. The punching bag can be adjusted and set to four different increments, starting from 53.5 inches to 65.5 inches.

The padding is only 10.5 inches in diameter so is thinner than other products, but then again, this punching bag is not meant for heavy hitters. If it’s punched with a lot of power, it will topple over.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($165.07)




Everlast Omniflex


This product provides a good punching and kicking experience for those who need a light punching bag at home. It can be used by every member of the family, including children. Its maximum height is 67 inches, but it can be lowered to your exact height in a matter of seconds.

When it is adjusted to remain lower, this punching bag is a great tool for training your knee strikes and leg strikes in general.

Muay Thai fighters will find this extremely useful. However, taller people might find the punching bag’s tallest setting to still be rather low. The plastic base can be filled with water or sand.

According to customers, the base does not leak. However, the filling hole is rather small, so you have to be patient especially if you decide to use sand to weigh it down. When filled, the whole thing weighs around 130 pounds.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($129.99)




Century Aerobic Wavemaster


The durability of the bag is really high, and the exterior will hold up to the rigors of intense aerobic training. Compared to the regular Century Wavemaster, this model is a little bit taller and this is a big advantage if you are taller as well.

As it wasn’t designed for veteran power hitters and is built more for people who want to improve their stamina this punching bag is likely to shift when it receives strong strikes.

In order to prevent that from happening, you could place a carpet under it, or a yoga mat. This will increase the friction force and stabilize to a certain degree the free standing punching bag.

The fabric can be damaging to your skin if you choose to punch or kick it without any sparring gloves or training shoes, so you should buy the corresponding gear to protect yourself. This is necessary especially if you train for more than 10/15 minutes.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($149.99)




Wavemaster Powerline


This medium-sized punching bag is a great choice for beginners as it can withstand a perfectly balanced workout routine.

The bag can endure a long light training session, but at the same time is able to receive a few strong kicks and punches as well. The product is easy to assemble, has good padding, and remains stable both when kicked high or low.

The product comes professionally packed and weighs just over 28 pounds. It doesn’t occupy a lot of room, so if you have a small house, then this item is a great choice.

The assembly process is minimal and it doesn’t involve anything more than placing some knobs into grooves. This having been said, you also receive a user’s manual just to help you in this process.

Regarding the price, this model is one of the cheap free standing punching bags. This having been said, it offers great value for its price.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($194.99)




Century BOB Body Opponent


With a filled base, this punching bag weighs 270 pounds and can be adjusted to 7 different heights, from 60 inches tall to 78 inches tall. You can use water or sand to stabilize it. Although it doesn’t move from its position, it may rotate on its spot when the strikes are more powerful.

BOB’s head is less tough than the rest of its body because the base only reaches his upper torso.

Despite this, the plastisol exterior is rougher than other free standing punching bags and it is strongly advised that you use adequate protection for your hands.

Because of its anatomical realistic shape, the Boby Opponent allows you to simulate kicking and punching much more realistically.

You can perfect your aim and striking techniques to the head, neck, ribs or other torso parts. One minor inconvenience is that this plastic torso is fitted with 6 screws that become loose after a while.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($289.99)




Wavemaster Kid Kick


If you want to help your kid get rid of all that extra energy, this product is the perfect solution for you.

Even though it’s designed for children and it’s already short, this punching bag is height-adjustable, so that as your kid grows, he or she could still use this piece of equipment.

Although the bag itself is not extremely large, it provides plenty of striking surfaces. It has a height of 2 feet and a 10.5-inch diameter. When the base is attached the maximum height reaches 52 inches, but it can be lowered to 37 inches.

The bag is manufactured from high-density foam that manages to absorb impact forces really well.

his product is heavy enough so that even kids that deliver powerful punches don’t knock it over. It can be used by beginner fighters as well as intermediate ones to better hone their fighting skills.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($123.99)




Ringside Elite


The Ringside Elite free standing punching bag is regarded as one of the toughest of its kind. Due to its 6.4-feet height, this product is great for tall people.

In addition, it provides great durability and brings great value for its price. The exterior shell is manufactured from synthetic leather which manages to rise to the rigors of high-intensity workouts.

This punching bag is resilient and copes with the most powerful blows fighters deliver. Beneath the punching bag, right above the base, there is a collar that can be kept on or removed.

This way you can control the level of swinging during a workout. The punching bag measures 75 inches in height and has a 17-inch diameter. The wider base measures 32 inches in diameter.

The spacious base can be filled with water or sand and can reach a weight of 270 pounds.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($399.99)




Century TKD Wavemaster


This model has a cone design to better mimic the anatomical shape of a human torso. This angle comes with the advantage that it can be used with no problem by children as well.

The padding is made out of impact absorbing foam. On the two opposing sides, the bag features one target area, one marked with red and the second one with blue.

You have the possibility of adjusting the height of this product from 47 inches up to 68 inches in 7 steps. The base is easy to fill with either sand or water and its rounded shape makes it easy for you to move it. When filled, the entire piece weighs around 270 pounds.

Due to its conical shape, this product is good for people who want to train their kicking techniques. If you are training in fighting styles such as Muay Thai or MMA, you would benefit from owning this bag.

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Ringside Heavy Bag


This model is a little different from other models because its base can only be filled with sand, not with water. It has an adjustable height that goes from 6 feet to 6.9 feet.

The amount of sand required is around 200 pounds. This sand is to be poured in three rings that form the base of this punching bag. It’s recommended to place the sand in a plastic bag beforehand.

These rings are durable and their zippers are strong enough to keep the sand inside.

Many customers are generally pleased with how it performs during training sessions and claim the free standing punching bag can take a beating.

In addition, although it may be a hassle to fill the base with sand, clients say that it will not move an inch once that operation is complete.

No matter how hard the punching bag is hit, it will not fall over.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Free standing punching bags can be a great addition to any sports gym and even to an individual’s home. They are great training tools and are in many ways superior to the traditional hanging punching bags. However, just as you would buy anything else, you have to know what to look for, to avoid paying more than you should. Scams take place all the time.


One of the most important characteristics you should look for when buying this piece of sports gear is durability. Keep in mind that the punching bag will be subjected to rough treatment and even if you use boxing gloves, in time, the exterior surface will deteriorate. To make sure a certain free standing boxing bag model will last in the long run, just check its reviews.

You can ask people who owned that particular model before or you can simply find this information online. Whatever you do, just don’t let this information slip past you because some products are cheaply manufactured and won’t even last one season of intense training.


Ease of installation and storage

Another thing you should find out about the product is if it’s easy to move. As they need a low heavy base to remain standing, moving them from one place to another may prove a difficult workout by itself.

It would be an inconvenience to own a terribly heavy punching bag as you would struggle when you need it stored or moved. Choose something that you can move relatively easy by yourself.


Price and quality

Regarding the price, you should find a balance between the cost and the quality provided. Not every expensive product from known brands will satisfy your needs. At the same time don’t buy something very cheap that looks too good to be true. Price is generally a good quality indicator, but not always. Our reviewed recommended products offer great quality at affordable prices.


Other characteristics

As mentioned before, these free standing punching bags have a heavy base. This base can sometimes be filled after you buy the product with either water or sand. Many delivery drivers may prefer to bring you empty free standing punching bags and you may like to receive an empty one as well.

However, you must be prepared with either water or sand to weigh it down after you place it in its designated training spot. Moreover, take into consideration that the base may have a small opening design and filling and it may require a lot of patience and dexterity from you.

These punching bags come in different shapes and sizes. This means that they will not be suitable for everybody who uses them in the training process. In order to avoid a situation where you must buy many different types of punching bags, your best alternative is to acquire one that is height-adjustable.

This way, everybody from your family or whoever comes to your punching bag, including children or short people can efficiently train on it.




If you take into consideration as many criteria as possible from the ones mentioned above, you will be the owner of a reliable piece of training equipment. A free-standing punching bag has many advantages and many would choose it over the hanging version.

First of all, it’s portable and once you empty its base it’s easy to move around. In addition, it saves you money by sparing you the mounting hardware costs you would otherwise have to cover while installing a hanging punching bag.

Your body will get stronger by punching or kicking a free-standing punching bag and you will become leaner as every workout will burn all the unwanted calories. In other words, you will sculpt your body and get better at punching and kicking at the same time.

Because this product is so versatile, and it may last for years to come from the moment you buy it, you can consider it an investment. This piece of sports equipment will not break the bank and can provide great physical and mental health. After all, punching and kicking are the perfect de-stressing activities.




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