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The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Boxing Shorts + Reviews


If you are searching for a new pair of the best boxing shorts to start or continue your training, you are already aware of how many options there are. To help you make this important decision faster, we have already done the laborious research and came up with the answers. Just read the following lines and find out what suits your needs the most. After carefully examining some of the most sought after boxing shorts, our team has put together a list of these items and their main characteristics. Taking into consideration the advantages, we recommend you the Adidas Performance Trunks Boxing Shorts as they are made of a mesh-style high-quality material, they are designed to favor air circulation in order to keep you cool, and feature a hidden drawstring for added security on the inside of the waistband. If this model is not available you should opt for another Adidas model, the Diamond Poly.



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Our team has done the research on some of the best boxing shorts for sale. After taking into consideration the pros and cons found in many boxing shorts reviews, we have decided that the following items are the most suitable for you to acquire if you are in the market for such a product.



Adidas boxing shorts


Adidas Performance Trunks


Adidas is a worldwide renowned sports brand. Beginners and professionals trust their products as they prove to be high-quality and durable. The Adidas Performance boxing shorts make no exception from this rule as they offer great functionality and comfort when put to the test.

Due to the micro-mesh fabric design, your legs remain dry and your skin remains at a normal temperature even during intense fights. Moreover, the Adidas Performance is loose enough to allow for comfortable use of any groin protector.

While wearing this model you will not have to worry about it slipping down or shifting its position around your hips as it features a 4-inch wide waistband made from elastic materials. Moreover, it is fitted with a drawstring for added security.

The drawstring is conveniently placed on the waistband interior to keep the exterior design stylish and to prevent it from coming undone or tangling.

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Adidas Diamond Poly


The Diamond Poly is a great model because it feels very light when you wear it. The exterior is simple and the design allows you to freely move in the ring and during training or sparring. It provides enough space on the inside for you to wear adequate groin protection without hindering your movement when boxing.

Your legs will not sweat and your skin will keep cool as this model allows for a good air-flow. This is made possible by the mesh style design of the composite microfabric poly-diamond polyester.

The wide waistband will prevent it from slipping and the added drawstring secures the shorts even more. The waistband has the additional role of absorbing the sweat that rolls down your back.

The Adidas Diamond Poly comes only in black, with the brand logo color varying between red, blue and shock blue. The three available sizes are: small, medium and large.

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Thai Boxing shorts


Anthem Athletics Infinity


These shorts are perfect for fighting styles that involve kicks and other types of leg strikes. This model is not as long as other boxing shorts, therefore allowing you to move easier. The Anthem Athletics Infinity feature wide side splits, which enhance your range of motion. They feature an elastic waistband and a drawstring on the inside which secures them to your hips.

This model is made out of a lightweight resistant fabric which can be machine-washed. These shorts are suited for fighting styles such as Muay Thai, Kickboxing, BJJ and many more. Some athletes wear them while training or while practicing Crossfit.

Some items are manufactured with defects. According to the manufacturer, they are tighter around the waist or at the bottom. Fortunately, these defective pairs can be purchased at a great discount (some greater than 50%). To find out more specifics about these items, you can contact the manufacturer on their website.

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Anthem Athletics 50/50


The Anthem Athletics 50/50 are made of high-grade durable material that is tear-resistant and can be machine-washed. They are made with an original design that features “fly-away” side slits. This helps extend your range of motion when kicking the opponent or defending yourself.

This product proves to be comfortable as it is lightweight and fits perfectly with the aid of a wide waistband and an interior drawstring. The embroidered logos are high-quality, meaning that they will not wear off, crack or peel.

These shorts come in a large assortment of colors, both single and dual. You can purchase them in combinations of black, blue, navy blue, white, red, orange and more.

The sizes are as follows: small, medium, large, X-large, XX-large and XXX-large. To find out the exact measurements assigned to all these sizes, you can analyze the available sizing charts on their site.

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Black boxing shorts


Ringside Pro-Style


These shorts are made from high-quality thick satin. The material is durable, feels comfortable and gives the wearer a professional look. The stitching is accurate and tough. Even during energetic training, the Ringside Pro-Style stays in place due to its elastic waistband.

This product is also fitted with a drawstring which further ensures their stable positioning while you are boxing. The drawstring is placed on the inside of the waistband and doesn’t get in your way or get caught up in something.

As the shorts do not have pockets, the material used is minimal. This keeps them light and makes them comfortable to wear when performing moves in the ring.

The Ringside Pro-Style comes in multiple colors, either single or combined. All variations have the brand logo embroidered on the left hem.

They are short enough to be used in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other fighting sports that involve leg strikes.

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Anthem Athletics Classic


This product features the original, signature design. They reach down to your knees which makes them ideal for moving comfortably inside and outside the boxing ring. The slide slits make them comfortable to wear as you switch stances or dodge your opponent’s strikes.

They are loose enough to prevent your legs from sweating by allowing cool air to circulate over the skin. Customers are satisfied with the equipment’s characteristics and quality and say that they already bought two pairs or are thinking to acquire another one.

The composite material is a tear-resistant high-quality microfiber, therefore it can be machine-washed. The logo is embroidered on the waistband and will not deteriorate over time not even after repeated wash cycles. For guidance regarding the size, you can check the sizing charts provided by the manufacturer.

This item comes in multiple color combinations, allowing you to match the colors of your gear.  

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Title boxing shorts


TITLE Training


This pair of training shorts is made 100% out of cotton. This makes them lightweight and comfortable to wear. The skin temperature is kept at normal levels as these loose shorts favor air circulation. The waistband is made from elastic material and keeps the pants well fitted on your hips. This model has a 9-inch inseam. It also features useful deep pockets.

The TITLE Training shorts can be worn during sparring, boxing, weightlifting, doing CrossFit, and more. You have a great range of motion and you never feel constrained.

These shorts don’t require hand washing, thus saving you a lot of time when you must clean them. They do not come in many colors, the only available ones being black and gray.

However, they are easy to match with. The brand logo is stitched to the waistband in the front of the shorts. The available sizes are small, medium, large, X-large and XX-large.

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This model is made 100% out of polyester. To stay secure around your waist, it features a 4-inch wide waistband made from elastic material.

This also absorbs sweat from your lower back, keeping you comfortable as you are boxing, sparring, or training. Moreover, the item has an inside drawstring for added security, greatly reducing the chance of it slipping.

These shorts have side-slits, which gives you an extra edge on your range of motion. You can take big steps in any direction, without having your moves hindered. The crotch, the seat and the legs have extra room. The shorts are easy to clean as you can machine-wash them.

The stitches are durable, and the material is high-quality. As usual, the brand’s logo is embroidered onto the front part of the waistband. You can purchase this item in a variety of color combinations, ranging from black to red and pink.

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American Flag boxing shorts


Title Boxing American Flag


This product is made completely from satin nylon. It features a 4-inch wide elastic waistband that provides a secure fit around your hips. The material is high-quality and can be machine washed. Additionally, side-slits allow you to move better without any restrictions. The stitches are durable and will not tear or wear off.

The satin texture allows for air to easily circulate, therefore preventing sweating and overheating even in the most intense combat conditions.

This item feels comfortable and offers enough room to accommodate a professional groin protector, without looking baggy. The Title Boxing American Flag comes in all sizes: small, medium, large, X-large and XX-large.

This model comes in the colors and style of the USA flag, boasting a blue waistband with red and white stripes across the legs. Down the sides and around the bottom edges white stars are embroidered. This model adds style to your performance in and off the ring.

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Rocky Balboa Mens Apollo


These boxing shorts are made from 100% polyester. The waistband is not as wide as conventional boxing shorts and the fabric is extremely thin.

The product is lightweight and allows for free movement. However, customers claim that the fabric is almost see-through thin, and doubt its durability.

The main reason people acquire these shorts is styling. This means that functionality is rather low, and the pair would not last long in a real boxing match. However, those who bought it for apparel alone, are satisfied. These buyers wore the product mostly at costume parties.

The product comes in the sizes medium, large and X-large. According to the sizing chart, the elastic waistband adds an extra 2 to 3-inches when it’s stretched. With the waistband unstretched, the medium size translates into 26 inches around the waist, the large size corresponds to 31 inches around the waist and the X-large translates to 35 inches.

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Green boxing shorts


Fairtex Slim Cut


The Fairtex Slim Cut is specifically designed for combat styles that involve leg strikes. It is short, lightweight and facilitates easy leg movement.

The composite material is satin fabric. The shorts feature side slits for even more mobility. The waistband secures them on your hips with the aid of 6 elastic bands.

Customers who purchased this item use it in Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and MMA.

This model comes in the following sizes: small, medium, large and X-large. For more information regarding the fitting, you can consult the sizing chart. There you will find out the correlation between all the available sizes and the waist, outseam and leg opening dimensions.

These shorts come in the following colors: lime green, orange/green, red/black, red/white, blue and yellow/black. This design features the Fairtex logo stitched on the waistband and embroidered on the front of the shorts.

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Anthem Athletics Defiance


The Anthem Athletics Defiance model is made of high-quality fabric that is tear-resistant and dries fast. It features advanced sublimation printing for its brand logos and graphics which ensures they will not come off, crack or peel.

The waistband is fitted with a two-fold velcro strap and with a drawstring. If adjusted properly, these two features will tightly secure the shorts to your hips and you will not have to worry about them sliding down or shifting their position during your fight or training.

The mid-thigh cut combined with side slits and a 4-way stretch crotch provides optimal range of motion. Therefore, they are a great choice for fighters who practice MMA, BJJ, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Crossfit, and many other fighting styles and sports activities.

The Anthem Athletics company believes their products are great, completely standing behind them. This product makes no exception, the company offering a 30-day guarantee.

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Mexican boxing shorts


Cleto Reyes Satin


This product is handmade in Mexico and is made using satin polyester. The design is spacious and long cut, which allows you to comfortably move during an official fight or during sparring. Side slits add an additional range of movement. The 4-inch elastic waistband with multiple channels secures these shorts tightly to your waist and prevents them from slipping or shifting position.

They can be used for boxing and for training. However, they are not recommended for fighting styles that require the wearer to strike with their legs as the product’s dimensions may hinder those moves. They are loose enough so that a groin protector may be used.

The item’s base color is white, with red and green stripes on the sides to match the Mexican flag. The brand logo is stitched on the front of the waistband with durable threads. The Cleto Reyes Satin is a good choice both for beginners as well as professionals.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Many times, the style and size of boxing shorts come down to your personal preferences. However, many features have specific functionalities and you must know what those are and how to spot them when buying a pair of good boxing shorts.

Boxing shorts style

Boxing shorts are designed to be longer than other types of shorts, having more space on the inside. This has the purpose of accommodating a groin protector and allowing cool air to circulate. Because they are generally large and baggy, they are suited only for sparring or boxing.

You wouldn’t want to lift weights in the gym while wearing them as it would prove uncomfortable and would surely look out of place.

Compared to other shorts, the boxing type is noticeably longer, reaching, and in some cases covering the knee. Everything else that is only mid-thigh long or shorter is destined to be worn for other fighting styles such as Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and more. In these styles, you have to strike with your legs and extra material would hinder you.

By analyzing what kind of shorts a fighter is wearing you can tell his or her fighting background.


The correct size

When buying boxing shorts it is important to know your size. Place the colors and the looks of your equipment on the second place and focus on acquiring something that fits you well. You don’t want your shorts to be too tight and to impede your footwork, especially in the ring.

Most manufacturers display sizing charts on their web-site or on the product’s packaging to help customers buy the right item for them. An important thing to consider right from the start is that not all sizes are made after the same standards. In general, equipment made in Asia is smaller than what you would get in America or Europe.

For example, if you wear large boxing shorts in the USA and you purchase an item from Thailand, you will want to order an XX-large in order for the shorts to fit you. This is why you must carefully read the sizing charts and find the precise correlation between small, medium, large, etc. and the values in inches.

After buying a new pair, many boxers practice some shadowboxing, which is punching the air at nothing in particular, to see how they feel when moving their feet. Moving with ease in all directions is crucial when dodging and attacking.


How many pairs to own

You may think that one pair is enough for a boxer to own. However, you would be wrong as there are some things you must consider. As a boxer, by the time you finish your training program, your equipment will have the same odor as your body. It is extremely disrespectful to those around you if you train or fight in dirty boxing shorts.

Cleanliness and hygiene are a big part of the boxing and gym culture. After every training session you must wash your sweaty equipment. This is the main reason why most boxers own multiple pairs of boxing shorts. Of course, it all depends on how much training you do and how often you choose to wash your shorts.

Some boxers own more than 5 pairs so they can wear a clean one every time they start to train. This is not a great financial effort as even the priciest boxing shorts are not, in fact, very expensive.

Boxing shorts for women

Boxing shorts for women are generally smaller in size than those for men, as women are not required to wear groin protection and the existing protectors are smaller than the cups designed for men. However, women tend to have wider hips, so the boxing shorts for them are longer around the waist.

Most brands offer products both for men and women without changing the item’s style.


Boxing shorts pricing

If you want to acquire a pair of shorts at a low price, your highest chance is to buy online. You may find boxing shorts at your local gym as well. However, there you will have to pay a premium.

Some manufacturers use cheap materials when producing boxing shorts. The price will obviously go down, but the shorts are not durable. They are easy to recognize. Those items are so thin that they become see-through when they get wet.

Other factors that weigh in when it comes to the cost are the graphics, logos and the overall visual design. Cheap boxing shorts always have a simple design, feature a single color and do not have big brand names printed on them.

Custom boxing shorts will cost more. Technology allows you to print your name or whatever graphics you like on them. However, if you wish to practice boxing with style you must reach deeper into your wallet.




Frequently asked questions about boxing shorts


How to wear boxing shorts?

Boxing shorts are meant to be worn during sparring or in the ring during official matches. They are generally a little looser than other types of shorts you may be accustomed to. This is to accommodate another piece of equipment that you wear underneath, more specifically the groin protector.

After you put on this groin protector, which is of considerable size, you pull the boxing shorts just like any other pair of pants. You pull the elastic waistband high above your waistline and if it features drawstrings or Velcro straps, you adjust them accordingly.



Why are boxing shorts so big?

Loose shorts favor air circulation and therefore the boxer stays cool during long, intense fights that take place in hot, crowded arenas. Because they don’t have to kick or perform other moves using their legs, it wouldn’t make sense for them to wear tight shorts. This would only restrict blood circulation and make the fighter feel uncomfortable.

Another reason for which boxing shorts are big is to accommodate a groin protector, a fairly large piece of equipment designed to protect the boxer from hits below the belt. Last, but not least, the shorts are used as advertisement space.


What are boxing shorts made of?

Styles and materials have changed over time and most likely will continue to change as the sport’s standards evolve. Most of the boxing shorts for sale today are made out of satin fabric with polyester as a base material. Some models are made of velvet as well, but this is less common.

Other materials include elastic bands, drawstrings and Velcro straps around the waist. As boxing shorts are an advertisement space as well, you may find these items printed with brand names (sponsors), the boxer’s name, or different logos. These prints are applied through screen printing, heat transfer or Direct-To-Garment (DTG).



How much are boxing shorts?

Aside from the boxing shorts with gold woven into the waistband and trims made of crocodile skin, that are evaluated at around $50,000, most of these items are pretty affordable to the average consumer.

The inexpensive ones start at around $15. These are a good choice for beginners or for people who are on a tight budget. Depending on the quality of the materials out of which the product is made and the brand, their price may go up and reach $50.

As even the higher priced ones are not very expensive, you shouldn’t set a budget and you should acquire a high-quality product.


How to get the right size of boxing shorts?

Almost all brands have charts on their websites depicting correlations between the item’s size and the two variables: waist size and leg length.

Find a tape measure and use it on your waistline, just above your hips. Remember not to wrap it tightly, so that you will allow some breathing space. Place the tape measure at the previously mentioned waistline and let it drop down over your leg to find out how much a pair of boxing shorts will cover.

Take into consideration that some sites have different size charts for men and for women.




Best boxing shorts brands


This company has established itself as selling good quality sports equipment at a reasonable price. They have on stock a wide variety of items such as punching bags, boxing shorts, headgear, competition apparel and fitness shoes. However, their specialty has always been boxing gloves.

This crucial piece of equipment is integrated with some of the most advanced technology, including Gel Shock, Dome Air and IMF Tech, all having the purpose of making your punching experience as efficient and safe as possible.

They carry some of the best brands in the industry such as Ringside, Cleto Reyes, Contender Fight Sports and Heritage.


Anthem Athletics is a company that deals in high-performance apparel for contact sports such as MMA, BJJ, submission grappling and other combat sports. They strive to create only the best gear targeted at professionals that compete at the highest levels.

Their equipment is made of high-quality materials, has sleek designs and is manufactured using modern construction techniques. They sell everything from boxing gloves and shorts to shin guards and t-shirts. You are bound to find what you need when browsing their stores, both as a fighter and as a coach.

The company’s motto is: “Never sacrifice performance”.


As contact sports gained popularity, the market was flooded with poorly designed gear. Elite Sports made it their purpose to fill this gap. They are revolutionizing the way people view sports gear and sell products at an affordable price.

The company was conceived by Mixed Martial Arts veterans who put their expertise into everything that they do. This way, their products stand out and take your worries away when you use them at the gym.

Elite Sports stands behind their products and offers a warranty as well, a thing that not many companies in this industry are willing to do.


Title Boxing was founded in 1998 and since then it has become a reference company when it comes to boxing gear. In the year 2007, it expanded into MMA and quickly became the brand of choice for many fighters. The company managed to bring its experience gained in the boxing area into the fast-growing MMA industry and successfully meet its demands.

Title Boxing has evolved and now is selling a wide range of protective equipment, fitness equipment, clothing, and accessories to aid you in becoming a greater sportsperson, whether it’s in the gym, in the ring or in the cage.


Venum was founded in 2006 by Franck Dupuis. This company produces and sells equipment and apparel for multiple martial arts, contact sports and fitness. These activities include MMA, BJJ, karate, cross-training and others. The company operates in more areas across the world, in America, Europe and Asia.

Since its founding, this company has sponsored famous fighters and trainers, such as Jose Aldo, Miesha Theresa Tate, James Andrew Miller, Lyoto Machida and many more.

Venum also sells bundles of equipment that completely set you up for training in any sport. Whether it’s boxing, MMA or simply jogging, you receive the complete package.




Why do you need boxing shorts and other types of boxing gear?


Boxing is not an extremely expensive sport to practice and even if you are a beginner you don’t have to spend a lot of money to gear yourself in order to train or fight. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear boxing equipment. Wearing the right items will protect you from injuries and make you more efficient both in the ring and in the gym.


Boxing shorts

Boxing shorts are iconic to this sport, but besides the baggy looks and smooth and shiny satin material, this piece of equipment actually has practical uses. Their loose design favors air circulation and allows for easy movement during intense fights. They will not sit tightly on our legs, therefore they will not cause discomfort.

This type of item is large enough to accommodate a groin protector that you wear underneath. The shorts have an approximately 4-inch wide waistband that is made of elastic materials, sometimes with drawstrings or Velcro straps. You pull the waistband up until you reach your waistline or just a little higher.

This has a few functions as well. The waistband stabilizes your lower back and some coaches recommend wearing boxer shorts even when training, especially if you have back aches. Due to the nature of its composite materials, the waistband absorbs the sweat running down your back, keeping you comfortable and focused.

Another advantage that the wide, thicker waistband provides is the ability to take body shots. They are not specifically designed for this and you will feel the opponent’s punches. However, your skin will not get so irritated as long as there is a barrier between it and the punching glove.

Moreover, a highly pulled pair of shorts will have a psychological effect on the opponent. As they always try to respect the rule that below the belt punches are illegal, you may trick them into avoiding to punch below your waistband and thus giving them a smaller target zone. This is of course, not guaranteed, but it may help during matches.



Boxing gloves

Boxing gloves are designed primarily to protect your knuckle bones from breaking when coming into contact with the opponent’s body or with a heavy punching bag. They also stabilize your wrist bones and help you defend yourself when receiving hits to the face.

Out of all the boxing equipment, the gloves are the most important ones. You have to wear them both when you are training as well as when you take part in a real match.  



If you are a beginner and you just started your training, you don’t actually need boxing shoes. You could wear any common athletic shoes. However, when you are about to enter the ring, you would be extremely disadvantaged if you choose not to wear proper footwear.

Wearing simple sneakers doesn’t offer you as much adherence as a pair of boxing shoes would. Many beginner boxers fought while wearing sneakers and claimed they have slipped during the match and even got counted. After upgrading to boxing shoes they noticed a huge difference regarding the grip and weight.

Wearing proper shoes makes you faster and has consequences on your striking as well. As any coach will teach you, a good punch comes from your leg. Therefore you must have a firm footing in order to build up all that energy.



A mouthguard is an important protective piece of gear as it prevents your lips getting split open or your teeth being knocked out. You can buy mouthguards raging from $10 to $40 or more. However, if you can afford it, you have the option to go to a dentist and have him/her make a custom mouthpiece that will fit perfectly over your teeth.

Although they may feel uncomfortable at first, you will eventually get used to them. The high-quality ones place your jaw in a position meant to better absorb impact and therefore save your brain from unnecessary damage.




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