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Top Bags for Boxing – Guide & Comparison


If you don’t have the time to prospect the market for the best boxing bag, the following short paragraph will give you all the information that you need in order to make a good purchasing decision. After a careful analysis of the quality and value offered by the top-rated models available, we have concluded that the option to get is the Everlast 70-Pound MMA. This model comes with a blended filler mix of natural and synthetic sanitized fibers. The quality construction combined with the premium synthetic polycanvas will guarantee the durability of this product. To add to that, the heavy-duty nylon straps will provide security and safety, while the double end loop offers great functionality. In the event that our first choice is no longer available, we advise you take a look at the Everlast Nevatear since it offers similar performance for a good price.



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Highly Recommended Choices – Reviews & Comparison



It can be difficult to find the right boxing bag for sale, which is why we have selected some of the critically acclaimed models currently available and showcased them all below. Take a quick look at our diverse list and see if you can find what you need.



Boxing heavy bag


Everlast 70-Pound MMA


The 70-pound heavy boxing bag features a specially blended filler mix of natural and synthetic fibers designed to provide the product with resilient shock absorbency. Thus, when punching the bag, it will absorb the impact better so that you no longer have to worry about the bag wobbling excessively or your knuckles getting injured.

Durability is also important for Everlast which is why this option stands out in this category. The construction of the unit uses superior materials such as premium synthetic polycanvas throughout, together with heavy-duty nylon straps that provide safety and security.

This is a good boxing bag for beginners but can be used by boxers of any skill. Customers were particularly pleased with the fact that this model does not use a mix of shredded cloth and individual sandbags that other cheap alternatives do. Instead, with this affordable product, you get the benefit of performance and quality.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($74.99)




Boxing punching bag


Everlast Nevatear


The first thing you’ll notice about the Nevatear is the quality of the exterior which features premium synthetic leather. This material looks very good and is designed to last for longer so that you can keep punching your bag without having to worry that the leather will get damaged.

The unit is held together by heavy-duty nylon straps, while the double end loop provides the punching bag with increased functionality. The 100-pound size makes this option perfect for most people, but if you weigh less than 200 pounds and you are a beginner, you might want to get a smaller size.

As is the case with most Everlast punching bags, this option comes filled with a mix of sanitized synthetic and natural fibers. If you’re wondering about customer feedback, buyers had only good things to report, praising the quality and reliability of the construction.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($107.95)




Everlast boxing bag


Everlast Traditional


You can never go wrong by going with an Everlast product, and if you’re in the market for a boxing bag kit, then the Traditional model offers outstanding value. Apart from the 70-pound heavy bag, the kit also contains a quality pair of heavy bag gloves, 108-inch hand wraps, and a bungee cord that you can use to add greater resistance to the bag.

The punching bag weighs around 70 pounds, which makes it ideal for recreational purposes and can be used by amateurs, kids or teenagers who want to learn to defend themselves. Both the bag and gloves are made from high-quality materials so that you can enjoy using them for longer.

You also get a heavy adjustable chain and strap which will allow you to attach the bag from the ceiling or from your favorite boxing bag stand. Thus, this is a great option for anyone looking for a cheap, efficient, and convenient purchase.

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Kids boxing bag


Century Wavemaster Kid Kick


The Wavemaster Kid Kick is designed with the needs of young martial artists in mind and it features a durable nylon cover combined with a high-impact foam core that is sturdy enough to handle every blow. This versatile option can be used to practice both punching and kicking drills and you won’t need to get a stand thanks to its free-standing design.

It comes with a base that can weigh up to 170 pounds when filled with water, which should offer more than enough stability to the bag. The rounded base will allow you to transport the unit easily from room to room, and you will even be able to take it outside if you’d like your kid to train there where it is safer.

You can customize the product to meet the needs of your kids since this model comes with four adjustable heights that range from 37 to 52 inches.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($123.99)




Free standing boxing bag


Century Original Wavemaster


The Original Wavemaster is a free standing boxing bag that can be used by the entire family. It has a wide base that can be filled with 250 pounds of sand or water, but most owners prefer to use water since it is easier to fill and then empty it if you travel a lot and want to take your boxing equipment with you.

The padded bag is quite large and that allows you to practice your punches at many different height levels since the model comes with an adjustable height feature that lets you extend the bag from 47 to 68 inches in 3-inch increments.

Customers were quick to praise the long-lasting design of this model seeing as Century has made sure to use only the highest quality materials and expert workmanship. If you are looking for a versatile and reliable free standing boxing bag, this is the product for you.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($139.99)




Boxing double end bag


TITLE Classic Double End


If you are in the market for a cheap boxing bag, you might want to take a quick look at the TITLE alternative as this option provides a super durable construction. It features a high-density shock-absorbing foam, triple-reinforced D-rings on the top of the bag for better handling, and a sturdy welded chain and swivel assembly.

The bag has a size of 100 pounds and was carefully designed with the feedback of boxing, MMA, kickboxing, and core training professionals. Thus, even if you will end up paying less for this double end punching bag, you will still get to enjoy the performance and quality of a well-designed product.

The bag comes pre-filled and customers were very satisfied with the feel that this piece of equipment provides. The quality filling will guarantee that the product can hold its shape much better than other alternatives in this price range.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($119.99)




Boxing heavy bag stand


Everlast Heavy Bag Stand


The heavy-duty, powder-coated steel tubing construction will guarantee the durability of this model and make it capable of accommodating any heavy bag that is up to 100 pounds. The stand itself weighs about 55 pounds, and it features three pegs on which you can put weight plates to add stability.

You will need to purchase the weigh plates separately, but if you don’t have the money to get them, you can use sandbags since they are much more affordable and just as easy to use.

With that said, customers have found that for boxing bags under 70 pounds, there is no need for extra weights as the stand manages to remain stable on its own.

One other area in which the Everlast alternative excels is in the ease of use that it offers. The assembly process is straightforward, especially since the stand itself is quite lightweight so you won’t need another person to help you out.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($79.99)




Hanging box bag


Outslayer Punching Bag


The 100-pound hanging box bag from Outslayer is a worthwhile choice for anyone looking for a durable and high-quality product.

As expected, the bag comes filled so that you don’t have to waste any more time or money searching for things to stuff into it. The filling is designed not to sink to the bottom, even after extensive usage.

With a 55-inch height and a 14 inches diameter, this model should be a perfect pick for any martial art, including MMA since its size and shape allows you to kick it as well. It also comes with a D-ring right at the bottom of the bag so that you can fix it to the ground if you find that it tends to wiggle too much.

Similarly, you won’t need to buy separate straps since they come already sewn onto the bag. The advantage of the durable straps is that unlike chains, they won’t disturb you with metallic sounds.

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Century boxing bag


Century Wavemaster XXL


The Wavemaster XXL is a hefty freestanding martial arts training bag that seeks to offer excellent performance even to professionals that punch or kick with great force.

The base weighs roughly 270 pounds once it is filled with sand or water, giving this boxing bag the stability to withstand even the most powerful blows.

The training bag is covered with heavy-duty vinyl which gives it increased durability without sacrificing the comfortable feel of the surface. As far as the filling is concerned, this option uses high-density foam which is quite comfortable to hit and capable of protecting your knuckles from injuries.

The unit has a height of 69 inches and measures 18 inches in diameter, dimensions that will give you plenty of space to practice all your favorite martial arts techniques.

Customers were also happy with the feedback that the bag gives, as it moves just a bit so that all that pressure does not come back to your hips.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($299.99)




Home boxing bag


RDX Punching Bag Set


The RDX home boxing bag is a product that can be used by people all ages as it offers excellent performance and quality for an accessible price point.

Seeing as boxing gloves are a mandatory accessory to any boxing bag, with this option you get a pair of mitts with shell shock gel technology to keep your knuckles protected.

The package also includes the chain that can be tethered to the loops at the top of the bag. The spider web design of the chain will help reduce swing so that you can practice your powerful punches without the bag wobbling too much.

What’s more, the bag features the newest Zero Impact G-Core Maya hide leather which guarantees long-lasting durability.

Thanks to heavy-duty ZIPPEX top closure, the bag is waterproof and can be used for outdoor training. The bag does not come pre-filled, so don’t forget to get a filler material for it, if you don’t already have one.

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Boxing bag set


Everlast Heavy Bag Kit


If you are looking for a great value boxing bag and gloves kit, the Everlast alternative gives all that and more. The kid includes hand wraps to add support for your hands and wrists. The 70-pound bag will help you condition specific muscle groups, practice or punch drills, or you can use it for a complete fitness routine.

Since it weighs only 70 pounds, the bag provides just enough resistance to make it perfect for anyone that is just now starting out boxing. It works just as well for more advanced levels since the swing of the bag will help professionals train their speed and reaction time.

All the three pieces of this set are constructed from quality materials designed to offer long-term use and dependability.

The hand wraps use comfortable white cotton, which makes them breathable and supportive, allowing you to enjoy a much better grip.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($95)




Boxing training bag


RDX Punching Bag Maya


The RDX boxing training bags are handcrafted and twin layered, which makes them handle even the most intense training sessions for years with no signs of wear and tear.

If you don’t believe us, taking a quick look at the overwhelmingly positive consumer reviews should be enough to convince you of the quality that this unit offers.

Aside from the training bag itself, you also get a pair of the latest Maya Hide leather boxing gloves that will keep your hands and knuckles protected and comfortable even when punching the bag with all your strength.

The ZIPPEX top closure will let you fill the bag to maximum capacity for a uniform experience.

What’s more, you also get a chain that you can attach to the loops at the top, while the loop at the base allows you to tether the bag to the ground so as to reduce its sway.

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Boxing speed bag


TITLE Gyro Balance


The Gyro Balance model stands out thanks to its shape which allows the speed bag to provide perfect rebounds and quick recoiling so that you can develop fast reflexes and improve hand-eye coordination as well as the overall quickness of your hands.

The unit comes in three sizes, and you can choose the one that corresponds to your needs or skill level.

To help enhance the balance, the manufacturer uses butyl rubber for the inner bladder. For best performance, the bladder will have to be inflated regularly.

On the outside, you’ll get the benefit of a top-grade leather shell with triple reinforced seams and lacing for balanced and efficient workouts.

In terms of customer feedback, the numerous positive reviews are a true testament to the quality of this model. Buyers are very satisfied with the durability offered by this option, and even more so by its performance and ease of use.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($39.99)




Boxing gear bag


Elite Sports Warrior


The Warrior series offers users a versatile boxing gear bag with a 3-in-1 design. You can use it as a regular duffle bag, shoulder bag, and the retractable shoulder straps can easily transform this model into a backpack for everyday use. What’s more, the bag also fits the requirements for carry-on luggage.

The larger storage capacity makes this alternative perfect for you to store your boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu, or kickboxing gear and accessories.

As a plus, the bag comes with a special waterproof pocket that you can use to store your water bottle without having to worry about spillage ruining your gear.

You can also say goodbye to bad smells and bacteria since the gear bag incorporates a mesh compartment that features a waterproof lining designed to ventilate your wet or dirty gear. Similarly, the built-in shoe pocket will stop the spread of harmful bacteria to the rest of the compartments.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($59.99)




Yearly Guide & Report


When prospecting the market for a boxing gym bag, it can be difficult to know which model to get since, to the untrained eye, they all look similar. Proper research can help you identify which are the key features to consider so that you can sift through the available options and select only the ones that are worth your time.

We know that you don’t have the time to research on your own, which is why we have compiled this comprehensive buyer’s guide which seeks to offer you all the information you need to make a smart purchase.

Types available

There are numerous types of boxing bags available on the market, and knowing the strengths of each one will help you focus your attention on the model that you need.

Round heavy bags have a circular shape, often similar to that of a teardrop and can be used to hone in on certain body punches. A banana heavy bag is a longer and slimmer version of the standard heavy bag and it’s designed for training knee strikes and low kicks. Banana heavy bags are best used for MMA and Muay Thai.

A double-end heavy bag has the shape of an hourglass and it has the benefit of allowing athletes to train for competitive boxing since the shape of the bag is very similar to that of an opponent.

Another popular type is the free standing punching bag which, unlike the other options listed above, is not designed to be mounted on a wall or a stand. Free standing boxing bags are instead mounted on a base and more often than not have a spring-loaded design to give you a bit of recoil for a bigger challenge.

Free standing boxing bags can help you practice low kicks in Muay Thai, mixed martial arts, and kickboxing. Since you won’t need to worry about mounting it on a wall installation or stand, it is ideal for home use.

Finally, we couldn’t finish out list without the mention of speed bags. As you’ve probably guessed from the name, this type is meant to aid athletes to improve their fast-paced punches, endurance, timing, and strength. They are significantly smaller, shaped like a teardrop and filled with air which allows them to ricochet off their stand and come back fast.



In terms of materials, there are two areas that have a huge importance for a boxing bag: the covering and the filling. For the cover of the bag, you can find options that use composite materials such as nevatear, canvas, or leather. After looking at dozens of boxing bag reviews, it is safe to say that the most sought-after material is leather.

A product that has a leather cover will outlast all the other materials on our list. It does not tear or crack, even after years of heavy use. The second-best option you can get is canvas as it is very durable, and unlike leather, you won’t have to go over budget to get it.

What the bag is filled with is just as important since it will determine the comfort, weight, firmness, and even cost of the product. There are four types of filling to consider: sand, foam, water, and textile.

Sand should be the go-to choice for people who want the maximum weight. Since sand changes its hardness if exposed to moisture, users should be careful when filling their bags with sand.

Foam fillings are the most popular choice for free standing bags and they provide a consistent striking experience without the bottom of the bag becoming stiff with time.

Punching bags filled with water are very convenient to use and have a feel to them that most people love. They are easy to fill and cheap since water is a resource we all have easy access to in our homes. Finally, textile fillings are perfect if you want to reduce muscle strain on the shoulders, wrist, and elbows since the material is very soft and conforming.


Weight and other factors

Getting the right weight shouldn’t be very difficult as long as you follow the general rule which says to choose a boxing bag that is roughly half your body weight. You can go with a heavier boxing bag if you are an experienced martial artist or if you have powerful strikes that would cause smaller bags to move too much.

Once you’ve found the right boxing bag for your needs, you should also take the time to find the right stand to attach it to, unless you’ve gone for a free standing model. When choosing a boxing bag stand, you should focus on the quality of the construction, and get the one that supports the size of your bag and that offers the best stability.

If you wish to get a boxing bag for home use and you are short on space, you can consider investing in a quality wall mounted boxing bag frame which will allow you to perform both kicks and punches without worrying that metal tubes will get in the way.




Best boxing bag brands


The company has managed to establish itself as an authority in the boxing industry through the help of the quality of its equipment, design, integrity, and the overall investment it has in this sport. The company has a long history that started in 1998 and with each passing year, it has expanded and improved its offerings even more.

It was in 2007 that Title boxing expanded into Mixed Martial Arts, which lead to it becoming to go-to brand for many of the top combat sports athletes. You can now find all the equipment that you will need for boxing, MMA, kickboxing, cage fighting, and all the other mixed martial arts.

If you are looking for affordable, yet technologically sound products to help you become the best in the lines of boxing, fitness, MMA, BJJ, and Muay-Thai, then going for an RDX option will certainly be a good choice.

The company started in 1999 in the outskirts of Manchester and today it has established itself as the leading brand for British Combat Sports and Fitness, dominating not only European markets but others as well. RDX boasts a customer base of over 200 million satisfied users worldwide, which comes as no surprise once you get to test its products.

With a history that spans over 100 years, Everlast is the world’s leading licensor, manufacturer, and marketer of boxing, MMA, and fitness equipment. It is the go-to brand for legendary champions such as Sugar Ray Robinson and Jack Dempsey, as well as current superstars Canelo Alvarez and Benson Henderson.

The company is built on a heritage of strength, individuality, authenticity, and dedication and its list of products is very diverse both in terms of quality and affordability. Nowadays, the Everlast brand is present in more than 100 countries and has 88 licenses worldwide.



The company was first founded in 1976 and when it first started it consisted of only one man working out of his garage. Nowadays, the company has grown to become one of the worldwide leaders in martial arts equipment. So much so that many of the major innovations within the industry can be traced back to this brand.

Century was also one of the first martial arts companies to create a website and even to this day, it offers one of the best e-commerce experiences. Seeing as most of the employees are martial artists themselves, there should be no surprise that both the products and customer services are top-notch.




Frequently asked questions about boxing bags


How to hang a boxing bag?

Hanging the bag itself is not very difficult since all you have to do is to purchase a stand and get it up and running. You’ll then attach the chains to the corners of the bag and you can then attach the bag to the eyebolt of the stand with the help of the S hook. The chains and S hook mentioned above should come together with your punching bag.

If you don’t have a boxing bag stand and don’t want to get one, you can use one of your strong support beams that run along the ceiling. Drill a hole into the support beam and place an eye bolt into it.  


How to box a punching bag?

Once you have all the equipment ready, including proper garments, you can start by stretching your hands, arms, legs, and back before approaching the punching bag so that you reduce the risk of muscle ache and injury. When you strike the bag, you should make sure that the knuckles of your index and the middle fingers are the first to hit the bag.

Balance and posture are also important, and you should keep your whole body aligned during the boxing bag workout as that will offer better fitness and will help your body burn more calories. Keep your elbows tight and wrists straight, and strike the bag with swift punches. When you are not punching, make sure you keep your head, feet, and hands moving.



How much does a boxing bag cost?

It all depends on which type of product you want to purchase. A boxing speed bag, for example, will be much cheaper than a boxing heavy bag. To add to that, the market is more diverse than ever and each type of product has many options that range in price from cheap to expensive.

The secret is to prospect the market for units that combine quality, features, durability, and ease of use, and only then sift through the options you have selected to find the most affordable one. On average, you should prepare a budget of at least $100 if you wish to get a punching bag worth your time and money.


How to punch a boxing bag properly?

First, remember to put your boxing gloves on, and stand close enough to the bag but not too close that you can’t reach without rotating your hips. You should dig your feet into the ground, and let your force from your toe rise up through your legs.

Make sure that you drive the punch with your torso, instead of reaching out with the fist. Always punch the bag with the large knuckles of your middle fingers and index. As you withdraw your first punch, drive your other hand forward and perform a cycle of four to eight solid strikes and then rest so that you can evaluate if you need to adjust the angle.


How to practice boxing at home without a punching bag?

You don’t need a punching bag to practice boxing, as you can train at home with no extra equipment. All you will need are your fists and enough room to move freely. It is recommended that you perform in front of a mirror as that will allow you to watch your moves and see if your stance needs any adjustments.

This method of boxing is known as shadow boxing, and it essentially means that you will punch the air. You can find many apps or online guides that can walk you through the basics of this boxing technique. You can also attend classes at your gym and practice what you learn there at home, for free.  


Where to hang boxing bag?

The simplest way of hanging a boxing bag is purchasing a stand or wall mounted rack that comes with all the nuts and bolts needed. The downside of such an option is that they can be quite expensive and in the case of boxing bag stands, they can limit your freedom of movement if they are not designed properly.

One cheap way of hanging your boxing bag is to find a strong support beam in the room you intend to place it in and use it as a support. You will have to drill a hole into it, place an eyebolt in the hole and then tighten it with a wrench. Don’t use hooks, since they are not strong enough to support heavy bags.


Is punching a boxing bag good exercise?

The short answer is a big yes. Punching a boxing bag benefits your physical health greatly since it improves on aerobic fitness by challenging the cardiorespiratory system and that will help improve your endurance and stamina. Transferring weight from one foot to the other as you strike will improve core stability and coordination.

When punching a boxing bag, the muscles that will be worked the most include the shoulder, chest, arms, back, waist, and legs. The more you train, the better your upper body strength will improve and that will allow you to throw punches faster and absorb them without being hurt.



Do you need boxing gloves for a boxing bag?

You do need boxing gloves, especially if you are a beginner since otherwise, you risk injuring your knuckles. Boxing bags are not only heavy but also harder than you might think and if you do punch them without protection, it can lead to serious damage to your hand joints and bones.

What’s more, not using boxing gloves can also impact your practicing techniques. With gloves on, you won’t have to worry that a fast punch will lead to injury and that will allow you to focus on honing your skills. Thus, to conclude, punching a boxing bag without boxing gloves is certainly a bad idea, especially if you are a beginner.


How to learn boxing at home with a punching bag?

Boxing is a sport that consists of many tactics and techniques and that requires a lot of skill. While it is true that you can find many videos and written guides, there are many traits of this sport that can be very difficult to learn by yourself. Without real gym training, you risk developing bad habits that will then be very hard to unlearn.

Thus, the best way to go about things is to get a coach or teacher to help you learn the basics until you are ready to practice by yourself. After you start learning the ropes, you can practice all the techniques and moves at home, especially if you have a sturdy bag that can withstand even your most powerful punches.




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