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Adidas Pureboost Go Review

Last Updated: 29.05.20


Main advantage

The most significant advantage of this running shoe from Adidas must be its outstanding versatility. While most running shoes tend to be specialized, whether for speed or marathons, or its reliability might depend on the type of terrain you’re running on, there are no such restrictions when it comes to the Pureboost Go.

This shoe can handle any type of terrain because of its particular design. The Boost midsole, a proprietary innovation introduced by Adidas, is responsible for this trait of the Pureboost Go. Although the shoes may feel a little heavy, they make you feel like you are floating on the track, while your feet make contact with the ground without any of the side effects of such physically intensive activities.

There are no wedges, no guard rails, only the Boost midsole made from reliable foam that has as the primary role in guaranteeing that your feet will experience perfect cushioning. This advantage is unbeatable, as it helps you keep up with your running routine for longer times without experiencing any of the usual foot discomforts that come when you exert yourself.

You can surely appreciate having so versatile running shoes if you are the type of runner who doesn’t mind switching things off and try the off the beaten path once in a while.

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Main disadvantage

One thing you should bear in mind about these running shoes is that they offer little in terms of motion control. This issue comes from the same thing that makes them so versatile and easy to use on any terrain.

The midsole made of foam is quite bouncy, and it may feel like you don’t have complete control, especially if you are someone just starting to run as a means to stay in shape. The perfect cushioning provided is fantastic, but this lack of motion control might take a while to get used to it.

Main features explained


Excellent traction makes this running shoe ideal for all categories of athletes

It doesn’t matter if you are just a novice going to the tracks for the first time, or a seasoned jogger looking for the perfect fit for his or her running sessions. You will find the Pureboost Go an excellent choice because it provides you, besides excellent cushioning, as shown earlier, with superior grip and traction.

A close look at the way the outsole is designed will make it clear why the Pureboost Go is such an excellent choice for runners everywhere. On the outside bottom of the shoe, you will notice a layer of rubber designed like a spider web. This design is not accidental or chosen randomly. It was created to provide the wearer of the shoe with excellent traction.

There is another advantage that comes from the design of the outsole, although you will have to wear the shoes for a while to discover what is so great about it. When you step, you will feel that your feet are stable on the ground and that there’s no chance of slippage. For marathon runners, as well as those who want to test their speed limits, these running shoes are above just optimal.

You will notice that the excellent grip of the outsole provides you with excellent stability on dry tracks. However, for wet roads, you might want to consider another pair. Since from the design of the shoes, you can tell right away that they aren’t made to run in the rain with them, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t put them to the test under the circumstances they weren’t created for.

Overall, you will be glad to find that the flat outsole design and the spider web rubber layer on the bottom give you excellent stability.


Its stylish design makes this running shoe a good option for a walk around town, too.

You don’t have to keep these shoes only for jogging if you usually like to use the same footwear to wear with casual dress. A single look at the design of the upper can tell you that these running shoes are great for a jogging session as they are for a get-together with friends. Of course, another great thing is that these Adidas shoes don’t wear off easily, so they won’t show any signs of fatigue too quickly.

You can wear them with jeans, as well as with shorts, because of the versatile look they have. It must also be because of the excellent comfort they provide. The flat cushy midsole is one reason for that. But it is the overall design that contributes to the sensation of being completely comfortable when wearing them.

They fit well, and the booty construction is a guarantee that you won’t feel your feet floating inside. At the same time, you won’t feel that your feet are kept too tightly. The lacing system guarantees that you can adjust the shoes as you see fit so that you can experience the highest comfort possible.

The sleek and low profile of the shoe makes it the ideal choice for a walk around town. The Pureboost Go is not only for the running track, for the simple reason that it looks more like the perfect footwear for the active urbanite as it does for the passionate jogger.

You can surely appreciate the ease of navigating the urban jungle with these shoes in your feet as they make turns and sudden shifts nothing but a breeze, without you experiencing any unpleasant effects. In a nutshell, these shoes are great for going to a coffee shop and the running track just the same.


The shoes are incredibly light, and they provide a regular fit

Whenever you need to buy a new pair of running shoes, there is always a minor concern, at least, over how they would fit. You will be happy to hear that this model from Adidas provides a regular fit, so that should be your starting point. The wider than most forefoot might appear different from anything else you’ve seen, but it’s different in a good way, as it helps with offering tremendous stability, as shown earlier.

There is a certain degree of comfort that not all running shoes can offer, but this model can. The response you get from the cushy midsole is practically energy transfer. The fact that you don’t get as tired when running in these shoes as when using others has everything to do with the way they are designed. They don’t just provide stability, though; they protect your feet from the consequences of a harsh impact with the ground.

You wouldn’t get such excellent advantages if Adidas didn’t think of everything when putting together these running shoes. The extra energy, the impact cushioning abilities, and the overall light design contribute to making these shoes some of the most popular at the moment.

Now, to talk a little about how these shoes fit, it might be worth mentioning that they tend to run a bit large. If you have a specific size and you’re sure of it, going down half a size couldn’t hurt. The Pureboost Go features a design that has been in fashion for some time, and other companies, like Nike, have also adhered to it.

The reason is simple. These shoes with their flattened larger than most forefront are ideal for running for minutes, for exercising, and for taking walks. Your feet will surely be grateful for them, and so will be your entire body as you don’t experience fatigue at all.


The upper of the shoe offers excellent breathability

There is an essential aspect of any running shoe that Adidas couldn’t have overlooked, and that is proper breathability. To understand how, again, the Pureboost Go does a great job, it is recommended to take a close look at the upper design. First of all, the overall design makes these shoes comfortable to wear and not only for running.

The upper is made from a soft material and has a knit design that allows your foot to breathe properly and also enjoy a lot of flexibility. Don’t be shy about pulling the laces tightly, as that would guarantee a snug fit without sacrificing breathability. The upper offers excellent air circulation. The Pureboost Go is a running shoe ideal for summer days as it will make sure that your feet don’t go through some sort of ordeal when you want to run in hot weather.

You may feel tempted to believe that the extra cushioning in the midsole could become a cause for overheating. However, that’s not the case, and this is where the smart design of these shoes comes into play. The upper is guaranteed to allow air to flow from all directions, wicking moisture with ease. Even if you choose to run during summer afternoons, when the sun is up in the sky, you won’t feel any discomfort.

Again, it must be mentioned that the Boost midsole also plays a role. The way this innovative feature is implemented lets you experience a pleasant spring in your step. That means that you will overall experience a lighter feel when you walk or run. This is something that also prevents the interior of your running shoes from becoming stuffy and moist. Simply put, the combination of design elements offers superior breathability and extra comfort.

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