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5 Best Football Cleats – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 30.03.20


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Football Cleat + Reviews


If you’re in the market for the best football cleats but you don’t have the time to look at all of the products available, this short paragraph will show you which model to get. After extensive analysis, we’ve concluded that the model that satisfies the needs of most customers is the Adidas Men’s Adizero 8.0 Football Shoe. This option is designed specifically for a lightweight down fit and it gives athletes exceptional rotational traction which is very important in a competitive environment. It is made of high-quality materials that provide excellent protection, durability, and comfort above all. It is available in a wide variety of sizes and colors so that you can customize the product to your desired fit and style. In the event that our first choice is not available for sale, but you are still determined to get awesome football cleats, we recommend the Nike Men’s Force Savage Elite TD Football Cleat.



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5 Best Football Cleats (Updated Reviews) in 2020



It’s not always easy to find good cleats for football, especially since the market is flooded with options to choose from. Knowing which products are worth your time and money can be difficult, which is why we are here to help. Below we have prepared a list of products that stand out thanks to their quality, performance, comfort, and affordability.



1. Adidas Men’s Adizero 8.0 Football Shoe


These Adidas football cleats are perfect for anyone who’s looking for a high-quality model that offers excellent versatility. Whether you are a half-back, a receiver or holding any other position, this nifty choice can help you reach your peak performance and top speed so that you can become a key player for your team.

One aspect that has won over many of the customers who’ve tried this model is the snug fit it provides. The excellent comfort offered by the product can be attributed to the polyurethane sock liner that will conform to your feet like a glove and it will have you forget that you even have the cleats on.

Furthermore, these mens football cleats are also very flexible which adds an extra layer to the comfort and unique feel it offers. You’ll be able to spend hours on the field without your mobility ever getting worse. At the end of the day, your feet will feel just as well as when you first started training or playing.

Another important factor for football cleats is the traction they offer and the Adizero 8.0 does not disappoint in this regard either since the sprint studs are backed by a rotational traction zone that can deliver unrivaled grip and traction. 



It is the perfect choice if you’re looking to get more value out of your purchase since this model provides unmatched versatility seeing as it can be used for various positions.

Comfort is very important for Adidas and this model is designed to promote a snug fit that will prevent injuries when training or playing for extended periods.

The TPU overlay provides excellent protection against impacts and it will help expand the longevity of the product.

If you need to get boys football cleats, the wide selection of sizes and colors allows you to get the perfect product no matter the age or skill level of the user.

It won’t limit your freedom of movement since the materials used guarantee extra flexibility. 



The main issue with this model is that it tends to run a bit small and some studs may fall or break after a couple of months of heavy use.

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2. Nike Men’s Force Savage Elite TD Football Cleat


These Nike football cleats are designed for linemen which is why they feature a wider cleat plate and an armored toe box to provide the durability and comfort linemen need to dominate the field. The high-cut ankle design will give you additional stability while the special midsole Lunarlon foam provides extra supportive cushioning for those long training hours.

The TPU plate provides adequate protection so that your feet don’t get injured during impacts and all this is achieved without sacrificing the weight of the product. The material is sturdy yet lightweight enough to promote extra mobility. You’ll be able to move your feet in any direction just as if you were barefoot.

The unique design of this choice allows it to achieve a snugger and better fit which is particularly important if you’re looking to train or play for long hours. Not only that, but the snug fit will help you feel more comfortable while wearing them which can give you a boost of confidence which can translate to better performance.

The customer feedback is also very positive, especially since Nike offers a wealth of different sizes and colors to choose from, which makes it easier than ever to get the perfect product. 



It offers excellent ankle support and durability which makes this option perfect for linemen who are looking to dominate the trenches.

The cleat is made with Flywire cables which help give it a locked-down feel while the Lunarlon midsole will cushion your foot from heel to toe.

These cleats are very sturdy and built to serve you for hundreds of hours of intense use.

You can customize the look of each pair since you get more than 20 different colors to choose from, each one with a unique pattern that will make you stand out on the field.

It can be difficult to find cheap high top football cleats, yet Nike has managed to offer one of the most affordable products in this line. 



While this is not something you would expect from a brand such as Nike, it is possible to receive the wrong size on the cleats you’ve ordered.

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3. Under Armour Men’s Hammer Mid Rm Football Shoe


Customers searching for affordable football cleats will be pleased with what the Hammer Mid Rm has to offer since this model manages to keep a low price point without sacrificing the key features and the quality required to perform well in the trenches.

As far as the design is concerned, this choice uses a combination of cast PU and performance textile upper which together help bring supportive protection and breathability to the footwear. Your feet will get the best protection in this price range without sacrificing comfort which is very important if you’re looking to use them for long hours.

Furthermore, the mid-cut height is the perfect size since it manages to provide excellent ankle lockdown without hindering your mobility. Once you get your feet inside the cleats you’ll immediately notice the high-quality insole which is made of high-rebound SuperFoam for optimal comfort and shock absorption.

Another feature that will help with the comfort of your underfoot is the Cushioning midsole which will help absorb all the impact and shocks that are bound to happen while you’re battling on the field. The rubber molded cleats offer excellent traction on any surface and are distributed evenly to give your feet the grip and support they need. 



The Under Armour football cleats are lightweight and they are made of breathable materials that will keep your feet cool and dry.

It uses high-quality materials that will protect your feet and ankles from any harmful injuries.

It is an affordable option that manages to include many of the features you usually only find in premium options and this claim is supported by the countless positive customer reviews.

If you’re looking for youth football cleats this is an excellent choice not only because of its price but also thanks to the large selection of sizes available.

The mid-cut height provides an easy off and on compared to other defensive cleats that use a high-cut height, and you’ll still get excellent ankle support. 



The color selection is not as wide as with the other options on our list, but it should still be enough to provide a satisfactory buying experience for most users.

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4. Nike Alpha Menace Pro Mid Football Cleats


This option is built for speed and agility needed for runbacks or linebackers. The premium performance is achieved without sacrificing comfort since this unit will have you forget about the pain or disruption that is often associated with low-quality football cleats.

The design of this choice makes it ideal for younger players but the large variety of sizes and colors makes it a good choice even if you’re looking for adult football cleats. It features a wide fit version which, if you are not familiar, provides more comfort and stability and a better fit for people with wide feet.

The mid-foot overlays built into the shoe have also garnered a lot of appreciation from customers since they offer extra stability and comfort on the field. The inner-sleeve construction is another strong point for this model since it offers a snug and secure fit that will allow you to continue wearing the cleats for hours on end.

Furthermore, with this choice, you will enjoy a greater level of protection provided by the Phylon heel and the midfoot shank so that you can feel more confident and focused when training instead of worrying about injuries that may be caused by impacts. 



It is lightweight and breathable which are very important features to have if you want to be able to use this product for extended periods without feeling uncomfortable or having your mobility hindered.

It combines two synthetic and mesh materials to promote a higher level of durability and protection.

It is designed to stabilize your feet and provide optimal traction without sacrificing flexibility and freedom of movement, and this feature is essential for cleats that are made for speed.

It boasts a wide variety of colors to choose from which will let users of all ages find the one pair that suits their style so that they can feel more confident on the field.

This option is perfect for aggressive plays and it provides optimal performance on both turf and grass. 



There’s one small issue with the sizing since it tends to run small, and that means it is best to order a size or two larger than what you usually wear.

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5. Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleat


If you’re in the market for cheap football cleats, this Nike alternative is built with versatility in mind and it can handle all the rigors of football to give you an edge in the field no matter the position you’re holding. It’s a dependable product that has garnered mostly positive customer feedback.

The popularity of this option can be linked not only to its low price point but also to the high-quality it manages to preserve. It is a product that stands true to the Nike brand. The materials used for this option make it not only sturdy but also lightweight and responsive so that you can enjoy full protection and mobility while wearing it.

There’s also the Nike FastFlex technology to consider since it will allow your foot to move more naturally, thus giving you even more mobility. This choice is great for long and hectic practices and games since the full-length sole design does a tremendous job in cushioning your feet.

The shark rubber outsole delivers excellent traction and it will prevent your feet from slipping while your head is in the game and you’re running at high speeds. The spikes work perfectly on both natural grass and artificial turf. 



The choice of materials is a very big advantage since the synthetic fibers help make these cleats very light and moving around while wearing them feels very comfortable.

The fabric is breathable which ensures not only the comfort of the wearer but it will also help improve self-esteem and confidence since you won’t have to worry about sweaty feet and bad odors after a long day of training.

It is an inexpensive choice and that helps it stand out, especially since it is very hard to notice any compromise that Nike might have made to maintain this low price.

It is available in many bold and bright colors which should make it very easy to find the right pair to suit any style. 



It is not the best choice for people with wide feet since it may take a few tries to find a size that can provide a comfortable and safe fit. 

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Finding the right pair of football cleats can be a difficult task since unless you take the time to prospect the market, you won’t know what makes the difference between a good model that performs well from another that might not be suited to your needs.

This is where our buying guide comes into play since we’ve analyzed the most popular models that have garnered positive football cleats reviews and we’ve identified the key features and factors to consider when purchasing this type of product. Take a look below if you want to learn more.



Types of football cleats

While to the naked eye two pairs of football cleats may look similar, there are some terms used to differentiate the many types available for purchase. First, there’s the cut of the cleat and in this case, we have three main options available: high-cut, low-cut, and mid-cut.

High-cut cleats provide more support and stability to the user while maintaining a high level of comfort. As the name suggests, these options are quite high and they usually stop after the ankle. High-cuts are often used by linemen and defensive players.

Additionally, the extra ankle support makes this type a perfect choice for people who have a history of ankle injuries. With that said, this design does come at the cost of freedom of movement since they are not as flexible and they are often heavier.

The low-cuts stop before the ankle and that results in less weight and more speed, cutting, and maneuverability. Thus, if you’re looking for the best football cleats for speed, a low-cut design is what you should get. It is the best choice for nimble skill players who are quick and run a lot.

The main disadvantage is that they offer very little support and protection so you will need to be mindful of the fact that injuries pose a much bigger threat when wearing this design.

The mid-cut design is the most popular choice among players of all ages and the type you’re most likely to find when searching for a new pair of football cleats. This model is situated around the ankle and it offers more mobility than high-cuts, and more protection than the low-cuts.

Mid-cuts typically have a built-in heel cup to retain your foot in one location while running so you have fewer worries of your foot sliding while inside the shoe. This style combines the high- and low-cut design to create a product that is suited for most positions, especially those that require a lot of versatility.


Spikes and traction

The spikes are a very important part of any football cleats and you have two main styles to choose from, namely molded or detachable spikes. Molded spikes are attached permanently into the cleat and that allows them to offer the highest level of comfort since these models often feature more spikes that are spread evenly on your foot’s pressure points.

Detachable spikes have the benefit of being easy to customize and you can replace them if they get worn out with time. You can also use the cleat without the spikes attached which allows you to get more value out of the product. The main issue is that these cleats are much more expensive, which explains why they are not as popular.

Both options provide excellent traction but the detachable spikes do have an advantage here since the spikes are generally more powerful and since you can remove and change them, you’ll be able to maintain that amazing grip and traction for longer. With that said, for the average person, molded spikes should do the trick.


Comfort and size

The comfort your shoes offer is very important and the footwear should feel almost like a second skin since if you’re thinking too much about the fit of your cleats while playing, your head won’t be on the game. As such, a good pair should feel comfortable in every situation, whether you’re running, tackling or jumping.

Everyone has a different idea of what comfortable means, so if this is your first time purchasing football cleats, you might have to do a bit of testing before you find the pair that feels most natural to you.

What’s more, the price doesn’t matter as much here as you would be lead to believe. While it is true that the highest-quality materials (and most expensive) offer the best comfort, you can still find inexpensive cleats that provide a similar level of comfort, especially if you stick to products made by reputable brands.



Furthermore, do keep in mind that football cleats fall under the same category as shoes, so you need to ensure that you get an accurate size. Sizes can vary from brand to brand and even from model to model, so you needn’t feel discouraged if the pair you’ve ordered doesn’t fit well.

One good strategy to prevent a poor fit is to examine the customer reviews section of the product you have in mind. There you can easily see if the size was accurate or if you need to order a size up or down from what you normally wear.



Last, but certainly not the least, when prospecting for football cleats you also need to make sure that the product you’re looking to buy offers full-foot protection. Your feet can get injured from impacts or falls very easily, and proper protection can prevent damage from a collision or mishap.

Furthermore, products that offer good protection also tend to last longer since, in order to achieve better protection, the manufacturer needs to use sturdier materials. The materials that offer the best protection are also generally of superior quality, so you can get two benefits for the price of one.




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