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10 Best Weight Lifting Belts – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 07.08.20


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Weight Lifting Belt + Reviews


This comprehensive article will help you find the best weightlifting belt, especially if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like to spend too much time looking for a new product, or if you are tired of reading all the long weightlifting belt reviews out there. Our experts took the time to examine each of the most popular belts and in their search, they found the one that seems to meet all the demands. This is the Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro model. Its main advantage is that it is made of heavy-duty leather and it can allow you to lift weights of up to 600 pounds. Furthermore, it will not come apart that easily and you will be able to wear it for a long while. It’s pretty comfortable too. If you are unable to find this leather weightlifting belt, we recommend the ProFitness Genuine Leather Workout Belt.



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10 Best Weightlifting Belts (Updated Reviews) in 2020



When doing a weightlifting belt review, the experts need to pay attention to every detail. Is the material used of good quality? What about the method of tightening the belt? Is the belt comfortable? Check out the reviews below for more information about our top picks.



1. Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro


This belt is the ideal lower back support for both men and women during weightlifting. It is very durable since it is made of leather so it won’t break or wear out. The belt ensures you the optimum comfort thanks to the buffalo hide leather that is supple, flexible, and soft, reducing the pain while lifting.

The belt supports squats and deadlifts over 600 pounds without breaking and it is USAPL (USA Powerlifting) and IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) approved. With the right width and thickness, the belt helps you increase your lifts with 10% by giving your back good support.

For extra durability, the belt has double stitching so you can enjoy long-time gym workouts. You get the same support all around your waist due to the fact that the belt has the same width all the way around. It folds nicely so you can carry it in your backpack without occupying much space.



This belt allows you to do squats and deadlifts with weights up to 600 pounds without breaking.

The belt is very durable as it is made of leather that doesn’t wear out or tear very easily which makes it resistant to many shocks.

The pain during the exercises is released thanks to the soft texture of the material and its flexibility.

For better back support, the belt comes with a 4-inches width and a 4.4-mm thickness that are just right for your comfort.

It is easily foldable for a facile carrying in your backpack on your way to the gym.



This belt is recommended for novice or intermediate level as for professional weightlifters it may not be enough.

You have to choose carefully the right size for you as it doesn’t work as intended if you don’t pay attention to the dimensions.


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2. ProFitness Genuine Leather Workout Belt


If you are passionate about working out your body, this weightlifting belt may interest you since it sustains stability and balance while you do your sets. Using this belt will reduce the possibility of injuries while maintaining the correct position of your body during lifts and squats.

It sustains the lower back (lumbar) so you can do your daily exercises and powerlifting in a safe manner. The belt is also very comfortable to wear as it is made of quality leather that won’t slip while you’re performing deadlifts, power cleans, clean and jerks, or squats, and that is why it can be a good weightlifting belt for women.

This belt is 4 inches in width and it won’t tear or break easily while you are working out. It helps sustain a thick back and strong abdominals. The belt can be carried in your gym backpack as it folds nicely without damaging it.



Using this belt you get back support while doing the most demanding sets of deadlifts, squats, or power cleans.

The back injuries are reduced thanks to the 4-inches wide belt that sustains your lumbar spine so you can safely add more weights.

This belt is made of quality leather that makes it durable so you can enjoy it for a long time without worrying about breaking or tearing.

It is also very comfortable to wear as it is adjustable and it comes in many sizes to fit any waist.

You can fold it easily so it won’t take you a lot of space in your bag or at home.



You have to punch holes into the belt by yourself according to your preferences as it may come with none or only a few holes.

This belt is recommended for beginners and intermediate users as it may seem impractical to professional weightlifters.

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3. Harbinger Padded Leather Contoured Weightlifting Belt


This weightlifting belt comes with a contoured design that improves comfort and safety while you’re performing your sets. The belt is 6-inches in width for better protection of your lower back (lumbar spine) when you are working out with heavyweights.

For enhanced comfort, the belt is made of padded leather with interior suede lining and foam cushioning. The belt is also durable so you can enjoy performing your sets with no worries. The extra-wide design helps you maintain the right posture and gives you superior balance and stability during deadlifts or squats.

It is a versatile item since the belt comes in 5 waist sizes to fit both men and women no matter their stature. To maintain a snug fit, the belt comes with a prong steel roller buckle that secures the tensioning. The belt offers you good balance and stability and it helps you improve yourself by letting you do the exercises correctly.



This belt supports your back very well while doing your sets with heavier weights letting you set new personal records.

The special thing about this belt is its 6-inches width that helps you maintain the proper posture while lifting weights.

Besides safety, the belt also provides comfort thanks to the interior foam cushioning and suede lining.

To secure the tensioning and to maintain a snug fit, the belt comes with a prong steel roller buckle that is heavy-duty.

It comes in different waist sizes so it can fit anyone no matter the gender or stature which makes the belt a versatile product.



The edges of the belt are a little bit sharp so your skin may get pinched depending on what exercise you’re performing.

This belt wears out faster than other similar products because the leather is stiff and not very flexible.

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4. ProFitness Weight Lifting Belt (4 Inches Wide)


If you are looking for a 100% genuine leather back belt for weightlifting and working out, this may be the right choice for you. This belt doesn’t require breaking-in which means that you can start using it straight away. This model comes in 3 different colors and 4 sizes to meet various preferences.

The main feature of this belt is the 7-MM thickness which allows you to do heavy workouts safely by protecting your lower back from injuries. This belt is durable and lightweight at the same time so you can comfortably enjoy heavy volume work and deeper squats for a long time.

Your lumbar and abdominal muscles are supported during Deadlifts or Pendlay Rows thanks to the 4-inches width of the belt. The double-pronged belt offers you an effective pressure distribution to perform properly your sets. The soft suede on the interior feels very comfortable when worn and offers you a secure grip too.



This pre-broken in leather belt offers weightlifters an effective pressure distribution in the lower back region for enhanced safety during heavy workouts.

The 7-mm thick and 4-inches wide belt ensures the optimum comfort during hard sets as it is also a lightweight item.

It is made of top-grain leather on the exterior and soft suede on the interior so you can enjoy a quality durable product that feels nice on your body.

For more durability and endurance, the belt comes with double-stitching and double-cap rivets.

This belt is recommended for cross-training, bodybuilding, or Olympic lifting as it helps you gain more muscle mass by letting you perform advanced exercises.



This belt doesn’t come with a foam cushioning so if you suffer from back pain or other back issues like hernia you should go for another model with cushion.

The belt may damage your shirt by bleeding the color after sweating.

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5. Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt


Fire Team Fit comes with a great alternative to the classical belt with a determined set of wholes by creating this product that lets you adjust the optimum tightness for yourself through a hook and loop support strap mechanism. It offers you the optimum comfort thanks to the lightweight design.

The belt offers your lower back great support thanks to the contoured design that prevents the hyperflexion and hyperextension of your lumbar spine during heavy workouts. You don’t have to worry about unfastening while performing your sets thanks to the buckle that keeps the belt secure during heavy lifts.

This belt doesn’t only support your back but your abdominal wall too so you can safely perform back squats, clean and jerks, deadlifts, or overhead squats. The belt is designed to last thanks to the sturdy roller buckle and the heavy-duty strap. It comes in 5 different sizes, making it great for men, but also a great womens weightlifting belt.



This belt is different from others by introducing a hook and loop support strap that helps you adjust the right tightness for yourself.

The belt is lightweight and yet durable thanks to the quality manufacturing that is able to support you for a long time.

Using this belt offers you safety by protecting your lumbar spine and the abdominal wall while performing squats, deadlifts, clean and jerks, and so on.

The sturdy buckle keeps the belt secure so you can enjoy doing your sets properly without worrying about unfastening.

It is great for both men and women as it comes in 5 different sizes with a fully-adjustable mechanism.



This belt is not made for advanced heavy lifters as it is made of velcro and it is thinner than others.

The belt is a bit too wide in the front which means that you may feel uncomfortable if you have a small waist.

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6. Element 26 Self-Locking Weight Lifting Belt


The main feature of this belt is the self-locking mechanism that is recommended even for Olympic lifts as it reduces the risk of back injuries. The heavy-duty buckle is very easy to use as it easily releases and it never slips or opens during weightlifting. The belt is made of 100% premium nylon with no other inserts in order to equally distribute the pressure during sets.

In order to increase your balance and stability during heavy lifts, this belt manages to create an even intraabdominal pressure thanks to the uniform 4-inches width. This model is great for competition use and it is approved to be used as a CrossFit weightlifting belt and in USAW competitions.

The combination of velcro and buckle gives you comfort by keeping the belt in place and also slowing down the wear-out process. This product comes with a lifetime guarantee so you can enjoy a fully-professional experience when buying it.



Since safety is the most important while doing hard lifts, Element 26 comes with a self-locking belt that secures your lower back.

This product is recommended for any level from beginners to advanced weightlifters that participate in competitions.

The belt distributes the intraabdominal pressure evenly while lifts with heavier weights, letting you set new personal bests.

In order to offer its clients professional conditions, the manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee for this product.

The great thing about this item is that it is approved in USAW and CrossFit competitions.

It is easier to carry in your gym bag as it folds more easily than leather belts as this is made of premium nylon which is also durable.



The size chart is not very accurate so the size you order may not fit you if you don’t measure your waist.

The belt folds a bit during bent over lifts which may feel awkward and uncomfortable sometimes.

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7. RitFit Weight Lifting Belt


If you are passionate about strength training and weightlifting, this belt is an essential item for you as it provides firm support for your lumbar spine. It is also comfortable to wear thanks to the 6-inches foam core and the brushed tricot lining that merge into a waterproof wide belt that helps you improve as an athlete.

The belt is adjustable thanks to the hook and loop mechanism and it is designed to offer you comfort and efficiency. It provides abdominal and back support by reducing the spinal flexion so you can do your sets properly with lower risks of injuries.

This belt is ideal for performing lunges, squats, or deadlifts and you can also incorporate it in the advanced back and shoulder training such as standing over-the-head shoulder press or standing bent-over rows. It can be hand-washed without damaging it and it doesn’t occupy much space in your bag.



This belt is a very comfortable choice when it comes to weightlifting as it comes with a foam core of 6 inches and a brushed tricot lining.

The belt is waterproof which means it won’t affect your clothes during intense workouts because of the sweating.

Its wide design supports your lower back and the abdominal wall by reducing the spinal flexion and by distributing the pressure equally.

The hook and loop mechanism helps you adjust the belt for your waist in order to make you feel comfortable while doing your sets.

It is very easy to wash without worrying about damaging its structure so you can have it in good condition for every training.



The belt loosens easily when it’s applied too much tension which needs constantly adjusting while working out.

It is not recommended for competitions and professional use as it is a bit flimsy.

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8. HHR Power Lifting Belt


When you want to push your limits and set new personal bests, you have to make sure you’re doing it in safe conditions. This leather belt helps you reach your goals, taking care of your back thanks to the 4-inches width that helps distribute the pressure evenly. The 10-MM thickness and the rounded edges enhance your comfort during hard sets.

Thanks to the quality leather and the heavy stitching, the belt doesn’t break easily so it can stand long sessions of weightlifting. To prevent the belt from sliding, it comes with suede lining on the inside so you can do properly your exercises.

For an easy waist adjustment, the belt comes with 12 holes which makes it great for both men and women. The buckle is sturdy and it doesn’t allow the belt to loosen which is a major improvement compared to many other models. The belt has the ideal weight as it doesn’t feel too light, either cumbersome.



The 4-inches wide belt supports your lower back by distributing the pressure evenly so the risks of injuries are lowered.

It is manufactured with round edges and it is 10-MM thick so you can feel the optimum comfort while lifting.

This belt is a durable one thanks to the heavy stitching and the top quality leather that doesn’t allow it to break or tear very easily.

It is fully adjustable due to the 12 holes and the sturdy buckle that prevents the belt from loosening.

This belt is great for both men and women as it comes in 3 different sizes: small, medium, and large.



This belt is stiffer than other belts and it may take you a while to get used to it.

The color may bleed into your shirt when you are sweating after the first uses, so take care to avoid wearing your favorite shirt at the gym.

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9. Master of Muscle Workout Weight Lifting Belt


This belt is designed to support your lower back while you lift heavier weights so you won’t experience back pain after intense workouts. The belt helps you stabilize your core so you can do more sets and strengthen your muscles.

The belt won’t dig into your side thanks to the contoured design so you can focus on doing your lifts properly. For added comfort, the belt comes with a padded adjustable strap in order to have the optimum conditions. Wearing this belt during your exercises helps you maximize the performance and lower the injury risk.

Using this belt will keep your body in the right posture when lifting, and therefore help you improve your gains by letting you do more reps and add more weight. It comes in 4 sizes so you can choose the size that fits you the most according to your waist dimensions.



Using this belt helps you focus more on your workout than on how the belt feels on your body as it is very comfortable.

Thanks to the contoured design, the belt won’t dig into your side so you won’t feel uncomfortable.

Wearing the belt while doing deadlifts or squats prevents back injuries that could force you to take a break from working out.

The free ebook provided by the manufacturer helps you learn how to correctly maintain the posture of your body.

The padded adjustable strap offers you comfort and distributes the pressure equally to keep you safe.

It can be used by both men and women since it comes in 4 different sizes.



Since it is made of velcro, it may loosen after several uses compared to the leather belts.

The size chart is not 100% accurate which means that the ordered size may not fit you, depending on your stature.

Buy from for ($18.97)




10. DEFY Power Lifting Belt


DEFY comes with a professional model of weightlifting belt specially designed for endurance training. This belt is made of quality leather and it is ideal for bodybuilding, powerlifting, and even general back support. It comes with a special closure that can be loosened in one second with a single flick.

It is very comfortable to wear since it is 10-mm thick and 4-inches wide and it conforms to your body shape, staying firmly supportive. For a nicer finish, the belt is made with oil-tanned Nubuck leather which also makes it more durable. 

The belt does not turn soft with time and it doesn’t tear or wear out too fast. The edges of the belt are finished with refinement so they won’t bother you while lifting heavyweights. It is easy to carry it around as it doesn’t take you much space in the gym bag.



This belt meets the expectations of a quality product as it is specially designed to be very durable and comfortable at the same time.

You will have the same tightness with each lift as the belt comes with a special lever buckle closure.

For a shiny look, the genuine leather is created by a unique additional oil tanning process.

This belt is made to stand constant pressure and tension and it doesn’t turn soft or bends.

It is very easy to fold and carry it in your backpack to the gym as it doesn’t weigh too much.

You won’t feel uncomfortable while doing deadlifts or other demanding exercises thanks to the finished edges of the belt.



Make sure you’re measuring your waist correctly so you can order the right size for you.

The screws get loose with time and they need some periodical adjusting but they can be fixed easily.

Buy from for ($33.99)




Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Everybody wants a cheap weightlifting belt, but not many know that the cost of a belt is a reflection of the materials used in making it, the quality of the craftsmanship and many other aspects. Check the guide below to find out what to keep in mind when buying a belt (be it an affordable weightlifting belt or not).

Maximum width

The main thing to consider regarding the width of a weight lifting belt is that this width needs to be consistent and equal all across the belt. For most people, the most comfortable width that fits them and sits comfortably between ribs and hipbone is 4 inches. Furthermore, this measure is the maximum allowed width in the majority of powerlifting federations.

You won’t be needing a belt wider than this and you will not want it either. But you might have to look for something smaller, especially if you are a female that has a smaller frame, or if you’re just not that bulky yet. The thing to note is that no matter the width, you don’t want the belt to cause discomfort around the hipbone area and the ribs.

Thickness is not as important, but you still need to know that in powerlifting federations the maximum thickness allowed is 13 mm. Don’t fool thickness with durability and sturdiness.


Materials used

The two most commonly used types of materials for making weight lifting belts are leather and suede. As leather is frequently used for clothing, you have an idea of how it feels. Both in clothing and in making a belt, durability is important when it comes to leather, and this material delivers. That is why it’s also used for making shoes or jackets.

Suede is a close relative of the leather. You can make a weight lifting belt out of full-grain, top-grain, or split leather. The last of these is actually suede. While the top grain and the full-grain are made of the actual hide of the animal, the top of this hide, they are a lot stronger. This is because the layers that form this part of the hide are closer together and more durable.

On the other hand, suede is finer, it looks better when used in clothing, but the best leather weightlifting belt s not made of suede as it doesn’t perform as well.


Closing mechanism

There are 3 ways to close or tighten the belt, and each of these manners has its own features. First of all, there is the single prong method. This method is a simple one, and it’s the same used in securing the belt that everybody wears around their jeans.

There are belts that come with 2 prongs, and these are supposed to help you have a more secure closing mechanism. In case one of the prongs gets out, you have the other one for backup. Most of the time, hopefully, you don’t get this problem, and even if one prong comes out, it’s highly possible that the other one does too.

During your heavy attempts, the double-pronged belt will just cause additional steps that you take, and in those moments you need focus, not extra steps. There is a third method – belts with levers. With a belt like this, you can secure it around your waist in a fast movement.




Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Why should I use a weightlifting belt?

There are many reasons why you would want to wear a belt while weight lifting. The first important of them can be considered the fact that a belt will stabilize and reduce stress on your spine. Studies have been made on weight lifters and experts discovered that while lifting, the belt helps to increase the intra-abdominal pressure of a lifter by 40%.

This is extremely important for a human’s body, as there needs to be pressure from both sides of the spine in order for it to work well and not suffer damage. Pressing from the front as well as the back, the spine is put in balance.

Furthermore, by using a belt you decrease the intervertebral compression of the discs by about 50%, which is huge. This is why weight lifting belts protect you against back injuries and keep your spine in good shape.

Q: When should I start wearing a lifting belt?

Some consider the weight lifting belts as a sign of weakness, while others emphasize the importance of them. One small rule to follow is that belts are meant for those that are interested in testing their maximum capacity, their max level of strength and are building up towards that.

If you are the kind of person that lifts weights but doesn’t feel his or her body is pushed to the limits, you don’t necessarily need a belt. Of course, wearing one never harms you, if you are doing it correctly.

While the belt helps some lift bigger weights, it is a downside for the inexperienced ones. Professionals suggest that you do some not-so-heavy powerlifting without a belt at first to learn how to use your core and back muscles. This will also help you increase your strength. Once you are capable of controlling your lift, then you should start using a belt.


Q: How tight should a weightlifting belt be?

Weight lifting belts should be used for the purpose of protecting you, but also for helping you lift more. A good belt will help you increase the intra-abdominal pressure and will encourage you to stabilize your midsection.

In order to create the intra-abdominal pressure that we are talking about, you need to use the belt as a wall and contract your abdominal muscles against it. For that, the muscles need a bit of room to breathe, but if that room is too much, they won’t be able to press against the belt. This is why the rule of thumb is to keep the belt one hole looser than the maximum tightness it can get.

Experienced lifters know a simple way of checking if the belt is tightened enough – the belt should allow you to place your hand between it and your abs.



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