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10 Best Weightlifting Gloves Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 07.08.20


Best Weightlifting Gloves Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


If you’re in the market for the best weightlifting gloves but you don’t have the time to read all our reviews, this short paragraph will help you get the product you need. After taking into account factors such as quality, comfort, and price, we’ve concluded that the option to get is the Xhaus Weight Lifting Gym Workout Gloves. The flexible neoprene construction gives you an enhanced grip and it will reduce friction to protect your hands from calluses. The gloves also feature Lycra material which offers unrivaled comfort and ventilation so that you can train comfortably for as long as you want. What’s more, you can use it for other workouts as well such as cycling, cross-training, pull-ups and more. In the event that our first choice is not available, we recommend that you take the time to consider the Glofit FREEDOM Workout Gloves.



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10 Best Weightlifting Gloves (Updated Reviews) in 2020



It can be difficult to find the best gloves for weightlifting on your own, which is why we have selected some of the critically acclaimed models and showcased them below for you to examine. The products you’ll see below stand out thanks to their quality, comfort, and reliability.



1. Xhaus Weight Lifting Gym Workout Gloves 


Thanks to the neoprene construction, these gloves have a very good stretch and the same material provides a firm grip and will protect your hands from calluses. It also comes with adjustable wrist wraps that will reduce hand tension to make you stronger and improve comfort since the gloves will be less likely to slide off your hands during heavy training.

Neoprene isn’t the only material used for this product, the gloves are also made of Lycra so that your skin can breathe better which is very important since a sweaty skin can get irritated much easier and it makes the gloves more prone to developing foul odors. The non-slip silicon rubber on the palm is very durable and will promote a very secure grip on the bars.

Furthermore, since the entire contact area is padded, much of the pressure will be taken off your hands so that you can train for longer.



The palms are thick and are injected with a silicone gel that provides enough padding to eliminate pressure points and to make weightlifting more comfortable.

It is made from flexible materials so that the gloves can flex effortlessly when you open and close your hands.

It offers versatile usage since these gloves are great not just for weightlifting but fitness, cross-training, calisthenics and many more.

You can lift heavier weights since the superior wrist support is strong enough to reduce hand tension.

This product is backed by a manufacturer’s money-back guarantee if you are not happy with it.



It runs a little small, which is why it is best to order one size larger if you don’t want to risk getting a product that won’t fit comfortably.

It’s not a good choice if you own a fitness tracker or smartwatch since the wrist support can trigger the buttons and screen on your device.

Buy from for ($13.99)




2. Glofit FREEDOM Workout Gloves 


Unlike other leather weightlifting gloves, this option offers more padding and the exterior is composed of a breathable mesh-like material that will prevent your hands from getting sweaty during intensive workouts. The palm is punctured and it has a series of silicone stripes which lets you grip the bar securely.

This option fits very snugly on your hand, almost like a second layer of skin and that can make you forget that you’re wearing them, especially since they are so light. The back of the thumb is made from a soft material so that you can wipe the sweat off your face without having to stop the exercise and go look for a towel.

Another area in which this model excels is durability seeing as it features a double layer palm design with foam and microfiber. Together, these materials will protect your hands from abrasion and they can also handle heavy use.



Oftentimes aesthetics need to take a back seat to functionality but this is not the case for these gloves since not only do they perform well but they also feature a great-looking design that is available in multiple colors.

It is made using synthetic materials and that makes this option more affordable and capable of being used even in sweaty gym conditions.

If comfort is very important for you, this is a great option since not only is it very flexible but it is also available in many sizes suitable for both men and women.

The cushioned pad with silicone anti-slip points will provide superior stability in extensive movement.



It lacks any additional wrist support but this may not be an issue for weightlifters who prefer gloves that don’t limit their range of motion.

It runs a bit small and for people with very large hands even the L size may end up feeling too tight.

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3. Ihuan Professional Ventilated Weight Lifting Workout Gloves 


This versatile model will protect your hands from calluses and blisters since it features a foam padding on the palm that will lessen the impact on your hands when working out with weights. The primary material used for this option is Silicon Printed Neoprene which is known for its unparalleled durability since it can handle water, dangerous chemicals, heat, oils, and aging.

It is the ideal product for people who train a lot since it is less prone to rips and tears during extreme workouts. Speaking of extreme training, sweat will also be a thing of the past since the back of the gloves is made of Ultralight Microfiber which is a very breathable fabric that will keep your hands dry and comfortable.

This option is also very versatile and whether you’re looking for women’s or mens weightlifting gloves, you get plenty of sizes to choose from that will fit adults and teenagers alike.



With the full palm protection that this model offers you can stop worrying about blisters and calluses and you can instead focus on your workouts.

The thick wrist straps provide veterans and novices excellent wrist support and the Velcro design allows users to go for either a tight grip or a loose one, depending on their preferences.

It uses breathable materials on the backside of the hand and the wrist wrap for more ventilation and less sweat since your skin will be able to breathe while doing intense workouts.

There are two colors available, black and pink, so that men and women alike can get the design that they feel most comfortable using.



It feels a bit too thick especially if you have small hands in which case the gloves can be too cumbersome to wear for extended periods.

The more you work out, the tighter the wrist wrap will get and since the Velcro strap is not very long, this can become an issue.

Buy from for ($19.99)




4. Fit Active Sports Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves 


This versatile product offers excellent grip for the price and it can even handle intensive activities such as rope climbing which is an exercise that many gloves have issues with. The palms are covered with a rubber material for better grip and there’s additional padding covering on the thumb which is not something you usually see on workout gloves for weightlifting.

Versatility is very important and this model offers plenty of it since you can use the gloves for many styles of workouts and fitness athletes, in particular, will enjoy the fact that the thumb is protected. The gloves are very comfortable and the open facing material on the back of the hand will help keep the skin properly ventilated during more intensive exercises.

Thus, if you are in the market for a versatile pair of gloves for weightlifting and other styles of workouts, this is a good choice and the low price is another reason for you to consider it.



It offers good wrist support with three points of contact for the Velcro at the base, middle and end of the strap to ensure a tight yet comfortable fit.

The open space design on the backside of the glove is perfect for people who tend to sweat a lot during workouts since it allows the skin to breathe properly.

It is ideal for kettlebell exercises since the unique design of the gloves allows for better finger mobility so that even the pinky finger will be able to get in on the action.

The palm padding is thick enough to make you feel more confident when handling heavy weights and it will help heal previous callouses.



The Velcro strap doesn’t line up properly and there is a portion of it that is left open and it can stick onto T-shirts and other garments.

The wrist strap is very long, and if you usually wear a smartwatch to track your workouts, you’ll need to take it off.

Buy from for ($17.99)




5. Skott Evo 2 Weightlifting Gloves 


If you need something with a little bit more padding, then the Skott Evo 2 has you covered since this model has a unique design that provides more protection and stability for your hands. It is also designed to achieve the perfect fit and the 3-dimensional unisex fit system guarantees that the gloves can be used by both men and women

Another thing that we noticed about this model is that the fingers rise just a bit higher up the knuckles compared to other alternatives and this design choice does a good job of protecting your fingers from calluses.

Speaking of it, your wrist is also protected since the unit has a thick adjustable wrist strap that uses Velcro so that you can customize the fit according to your preferences. The handgrip is also important and this model does not disappoint since it features gel printed palms that can prevent slippage and injuries when lifting heavy weights.



Instead of using silicone which is the traditional material used for the palm, this option uses advanced grip gel instead that provides better performance

These gloves are built like a tank in order to keep the wearer protected when lifting heavy weights and it features high-quality materials and double stitching along the seams for maximum durability.

The wrist wrap has a nice length and it can wrap easily around your wrist and since the material is not very thick, it feels comfortable even when it’s tight.

It is available in two colors and five different sizes so that everyone can get a pair that will fit well.



It has a chemical smell that can be absorbed by the skin and that you can still smell long after you’ve taken the gloves off.

It is a bit bulky in the palm area and since the seams of the fingers are on the inside, you can feel them on your skin when you grip something.

Buy from for ($24.99)




6. Sportneer Padded Weight Lifting Gloves 


If you want to get cheap weightlifting gloves but you’re afraid that will mean sacrificing quality, you should take a moment to consider this alternative since, in spite of its low price, it still manages to pack an impressive list of features. Most importantly, all contact areas on your hand will be protected by the premium high-performance sponge padding.

What’s more, this pair of gloves also uses a modern solution to ensure maximum grip. The palm and the fingers are covered with gel grips to ensure a firm grip and to eliminate slipperiness. The product is designed to fit hands of all sizes which is why the wrist strap has an ultra-long 19 inches double Velcro wrap.

You also get a lot of value out of these gloves since they are for more than just weightlifting. They can also be used for pull-ups, gymnastics, cycling, strength exercises and much more. You get a lot of value from a single product.



Since this model is built with lightweight fabrics and an open mesh backing, it feels very comfortable and will keep your hands dry no matter how long or hard you work out.

You are not limited to just weightlifting since these gloves can also come in handy while doing other workout styles such as gymnastics, muscle rings, cycling, and more.

The double Velcro attachment ensures that once on, the gloves will keep their fit so that you don’t have to readjust them mid-workout.

The premium sponge padding does a tremendous job of keeping all contact areas on your palm protected and it will minimize discomfort while maximizing efficiency.



The one area of the gloves where you can tell this is a budget product is the Velcro which isn’t very durable.

It doesn’t keep foul odors at bay very well and it is best to wash it after each workout.

Buy from for ($12.99)




7. Harbinger Women’s Power Weightlifting Gloves 


This pair of versatile women’s weightlifting gloves has an open back design with half-finger length which makes it suitable to be used with gym machines as well. This model offers superior protection thanks to the padded leather abrasion-resistant palm that offers better grip, enhanced comfort, and maximum durability.

The thumb also has wrap-around padding that is now enhanced with a second layer of leather that covers the inside of the thumb to protect it against abrasion. You can now engage in more intensive workout styles since this model will have your back and will keep your hands and the sensitive skin of the palm and fingers protected.

Because the gloves are designed specifically with a woman’s hand in mind, you can be certain that you’ll get a perfect fit every time and that each size will fit accordingly. What’s more, it is available in three different stylish color combinations so that you can show off your personality.



The finger ends of the glove fit comfortably right above the first knuckle which means that your fingers will be protected without affecting your mobility.

This is an all-purpose training and workout glove and it can tackle plenty of activities so that it can soon become your go-to pair of gloves when exercising.

The wrist closure is fully adjustable and you can wear it however you feel comfortable and safe by either getting a secure tight fit or wearing it looser.

It comes in three separate sizes specifically designed for the shape of a woman’s hand so that everyone can find the pair that fits snugly.



It is an affordable option and this shows in the quality of the seams which can start to loosen after some months of heavy use.

The finger holes are a bit tight and this can get uncomfortable since your fingers will swell a tad while working out.

Buy from for ($14.99)




8. RIMSports Gym Gloves for Weight Training 


This versatile pair of gloves is designed specifically for women and it can be used not only for weightlifting but other diverse gym and outdoor activities as well such as push-ups, rowing, cycling, fitness, and more since the gloves also function as hand wraps. This option is constructed with leather and spandex for increased durability and flexibility.

The leather is of high quality and it is double stitched to ensure that it can make it through many years of severe use and abuse. The fabric is breathable so that there is less perspiration when doing intense workouts. Furthermore, since the gloves are easy to wash, maintenance is not an issue.

While these gloves are indeed very versatile, they are built for weightlifting first and foremost and they will strengthen your body and protect your hands from blisters and calluses. The cushioning on the palm side is thick and comfortable so that you can grip with confidence.



The fingerless workout gloves are perfect for anyone who likes to exercise since they can be used to protect your hands when performing any workout style that you may have in mind, not just for weightlifting.

The gloves use leather and spandex and they are more durable and safe to wear for extended periods compared to other cheaper alternatives.

There are numerous colors variants that you can pick and the product is available in many sizes that can suit your different demands.

There’s a vertical Velcro strap that holds the gloves securely in place on your hand and even if you bend your wrist, the strap will remain in place.



The gloves are handmade which helps enhance the quality of each pair but it also means that the size chart isn’t always accurate and some may fit tighter or looser than expected.

The fabrics can begin to get discolored if washed daily.

Buy from for ($18.97)




9. Trideer Padded Weight Lifting Gloves 


If you’re in the market for affordable weightlifting gloves, you can’t go wrong with this model since it offers everything that both amateur and advanced lifters need for a comfortable experience without going over budget. It is one of the most popular products in this price range and for a good reason since the value it offers is very hard to beat.

The gloves are made from synthetic materials and they feature three-part padding on the palm and extra finger padding so that you can get a comfortable experience and avoid unpleasant blisters and calluses when lifting heavy weights.

There is also a wrist strap that acts as a stress reliever for your joints and it also contributes to improving your lifting power. You can adjust the tightness of the gloves to fit your preferences. Lastly, before we end this weightlifting gloves review it is worth mentioning that this brand offers excellent customer service and a 30-day return window.



It is made from synthetic materials that are very light and comfortable, and the advanced padding on the palm and fingers will prevent calluses from forming.

The silica gel on the palm and fingers will provide you with better grip so that you can lift dumbbells more comfortably without the risk of them slipping and hurting you.

This model is available in sizes that can fit everyone, from small to XXL; the small size can fit 6.5 to 7.5-inch hands while the XXL size fits 9.25 to 9.8-inch hands.

While these gloves are designed for weightlifting you can also use them for gym training and general exercises.



The gloves tend to run a bit large and if you are in doubt, it’s best to pick a smaller size since you are more likely to get a snug fit.

While the padding on the palm looks very durable, the one on the fingers and especially on the thumb feels less so.

Buy from for ($14.99)




10. Harbinger Pro Wristwrap Weightlifting Gloves 


This option puts a big emphasis on palm and hand protection and it has a bulkier design that nonetheless feels very comfortable on the hand even if the materials aren’t very light. The design of the glove is well-thought and it will fit snugly and it won’t move once you begin your workout since there’s a high-quality wrist wrap to help it stay secure.

As far as the design and construction of this unit are concerned, there are a lot of good things to report. The palm and the fingers have a heavy-duty leather surface and the thumb has an additional foam padding to keep the key impact areas protected from blisters and calluses.

Furthermore, the wrist wrap is also very thick and the Velcro strap looks to be of very high quality. Another design choice that is worth praising is the ½ finger-lengths that manage to increase the contact area for better grip.



This model is made from pure leather and if that might have you concerned, it is good to know that the material is vented and cushioned with open-cell foam to reduce sweat.

The gloves have a snug fit and the additional wrist wrap will provide double security to prevent slippage.

It features wrap-around thumb protection that covers the inside of the thumb with leather to protect it against abrasion during long and intense workouts.

The seams are double-stitched and this helps ensure that the gloves will last you for a very long time.

It is available in five different sizes that range from small to XXL.



It is not the most versatile pair of workout gloves since while the hefty design makes it suitable for weightlifting, other activities are harder to perform.

The material around the fingers is prone to fraying and this can become an issue in the future.

Buy from for ($17.38)




Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


A good pair of weightlifting gloves offers plenty of benefits but it can be difficult to find the right product since you’ll need to navigate through a seemingly endless variety of options. Every product uses different materials, styles, and has different features which is why it is essential to know what the most important factors to consider are before making a purchase.

In the buyer’s guide below we have done the research for you and we’ve looked at numerous weightlifting gloves reviews to see what other customers and experts think it’s important to know when buying this type of product.


There are two main types of weightlifting gloves you are likely to encounter on the market. The first one is the traditional fingerless design that looks similar to a regular pair of gloves, with the main difference being that they don’t have any material covering the tops of the fingers.

This design choice gives the wearer more range of motion in the fingers which is essential when weightlifting since you need a very good grip to avoid accidental injuries and to be able to lift heavier weights. Furthermore, the fingerless design also allows the gloves to be used for other applications such as fitness.

The second choice that you can get is the modern open-backed design which is similar to the traditional gloves with one key difference and a few smaller ones. They are easy to distinguish since as the name suggests, the back of the hand is not covered with material and this enhances ventilation which translates to a more comfortable gym experience.

Furthermore, while the back of the hand doesn’t get much protection, these gloves tend to have a bigger surface area on the palm which means that the grip they offer is far superior. This design also lets you remove the glove from your hand while leaving the wrist strap in place so that your palm can enjoy cool air between workouts.



There are many materials used to make weightlifting gloves, but there are some that are more common than others. Leather, for example, is a very good material to get since it is flexible and durable. With that said, a product that is made just from leather is not good since it can get very warm which is exactly what you need to avoid when working out.

This is why most gloves on the market are made from a combination of materials. Leather is usually combined with synthetic materials to help with ventilation and to keep your hand more comfortable.

Neoprene is a good substitute for leather since it is a synthetic rubber that is very flexible, snug and comfortable against the skin. The same can be said for Spandex and Lycra and these materials are very elastic, sweat-resistant and easy to wash and dry.

However, since synthetic materials are not very grippy, they will often be paired with rubber or silicone patterns on the palms to give the glove a more secure grip.


Wrist straps

Some products come with a strap that tightens with Velcro to offer additional stability and support to the joint, and this piece of material is called a wrist strap. Not all weightlifting gloves come with it but it is a very important feature to consider. While you can purchase separate wrist wraps, it is best to get a built-in one if you need it.

The disadvantage is that the strap can add an extra inch or more to the bottom of the glove and if you want to wear a fitness tracker or watch at the gym, the wrist strap will impede these devices. In such a situation you will either need to take off the wrap completely or wear the watch higher up your arm.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do weightlifting gloves prevent calluses?

Yes, purchasing a high-quality pair of weightlifting gloves is the easiest way to prevent calluses. The glove will cover the palm and a small portion of the finger to protect the skin against friction from the bar. A high-quality pair will not affect your mobility and performance very much.

Weightlifting gloves are also very good for people who sweat a lot since sweat on the skin can make some lifters struggle to grip the bar properly. Since with a glove the skin is covered, wearing it can help lifters achieve a much better grip all while also keeping the hands protected.

Moisturizing your hands regularly is another good way of preventing calluses since when the skin is dry, its protective barriers are impaired and it makes it more susceptible to calluses. Thus, it is best to keep a nourishing lotion in your gym bag along with your gloves and you should try to apply it every time you wash your hands.

Q: How should weightlifting gloves fit?

While when purchasing a pair of winter gloves sizing may not be very important since for many people all that matters is for the hand to get inside the glove, that is not the case for weightlifting gloves. These gloves are designed to do a specific job and as such, they need to fit you very well. But what is the best way to define a good fit?

They should fit snug but not overly tight since if the gloves are too tight they can hinder your mobility and make you unable to close your hands comfortably around the bar. You also need to consider that during an intense workout, your hands can swell a little which can make a tight fit feel even more uncomfortable.

You don’t need to be afraid to experiment with different sizes and make sure to read the sizing charts carefully since every brand can use different ways of measuring the size of its products.


Q: How often should I wash my weightlifting gloves?

It all depends on the gloves and on the type of body that you have. Some gloves are better at handling sweat than others and can be used for days without needing to be washed. Similarly, there are lifters who naturally don’t sweat very much and as such, they don’t need to wash their gloves as often as other lifters.

If your gloves tend to get a bit smelly after each use then it is best to clean them immediately after you are done using them. However, if they don’t smell or look dirty, you can clean them every other day or once they begin to show signs of needing to be washed.

Do remember that you need to allow the gloves to dry fully between uses since this can affect your performance and their durability. Similarly, you shouldn’t let them dry out in direct sunlight since the UV rays can seriously damage the fabrics.




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