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Fairtex Boxing Gloves Review

Last Updated: 29.05.20


Main advantage

One thing that makes this pair of boxing gloves from Fairtex stand out from the crowd is the quality of the padding used. What you may notice about most of the boxing gloves available is that they use multiple layers of padding, and that may cause a problem as the layers are not equally dense.

However, that’s not the case with these Fairtex gloves. The manufacturer invested a lot in creating a type of padding with three layers of equal density, so you will benefit from extra protection and enjoy a natural feel, something that will surely help you in your training.

The equally dense layers will suffer the same deformation with regular use, so you will benefit from adequate protection without having the gloves wear out too much in places. That’s a great benefit for people who train regularly, and you will also know that your sparring partner is as protected as you are.

The advantage of having multiple layers is that your knuckles won’t be felt through the glove by the person you’re sparring with. In brief, if you are looking for a pair of gloves that offer just as much protection for you and your sparring partner, you should look no more. This pair provides excellent performance and safety.

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Main disadvantage

While excellent padding and the use of genuine leather for the shell construction are superior benefits offered by this pair of gloves, they are also the source of some discomfort you may experience when using them for the first time.

It will take you a while to break them in, and you must have the patience to allow the gloves to take the shape of your fists. In the process, it is common to experience some discomfort and even pain in the knuckle area, but seeing how durable and dependable these gloves are, this trial period is not a breaking point.

Main features explained


An ideal choice for training due to the overall construction

Although there may be other boxing gloves that appear to be more popular than this pair from Fairtex, it is also interesting to learn that the model is quite popular among the Muay Thai trainees in the manufacturer’s country, Thailand. The number one reason why so many people prefer them is the superior clinch work they provide, something that matters tremendously in this sport.

When you use your gloves for the first time, you will notice some resistance, but that is natural because of the genuine leather used and the dense padding employed for protecting your knuckles. However, that won’t last, and within just a few training sessions, you will sense that the gloves give in, and, with that, also comes superior flexibility. If you want a pair of gloves that behaves like it’s glued to your hands, this model should be it.

The design of this model is also something that contributes tremendously to training performance. Its contours are designed to take the shape of your fists, so from the first moment you put them on, you will feel that your hands can move and flex freely. Not only in Muay Thai, but in other sports, as well, including boxing, having control over your hands like that can make a world of difference.

Many trainees agree that there is hardly a better choice if you value flexibility above everything else. These gloves may appear that they run a bit small, but it’s all because the manufacturer thought about this type of binding between your hands and the gloves so that you can have and enjoy complete control.

The fitting appears to have been made mainly for clinch work, so if that’s an area you’re looking to improve, you will find these gloves to be an excellent choice for your needs.


Excellent ergonomic design

An essential difference between these gloves and many others on the market is the overall design that makes them lightweight in comparison. As a general rule, you may want your sparring pair of gloves to be lightweight so that you can sustain long sessions without difficulty. That is why these gloves are so popular among boxing and Muay Thai trainees. The reduced size of the hand compartment, as well as the small wrist bands, offer good indications of why these gloves are lighter than others.

The soft padding definitely helps with the overall ergonomics, but that is not all. You will love the feel of these gloves on your hands, as well as the massive thumbs that come attached. The last bit is to be expected when you purchase a pair of gloves for sparring, so that’s another plus point for this model from Fairtex.

It is essential to realize the differences between sparring gloves and punching gloves. The latter need proper wrist support as you will have to hit a bag made from high-density foam, and that can have a damaging effect on your wrists. That said, sparring gloves need to hit the sweet spot between wrist support and still remain comfortable and lightweight. It is precisely what these gloves offer.

You will notice that the closure on these gloves is larger when compared to other models on the market, and that adds to the degree of comfort used, as well as the wrist support. It is also comparatively wider, another thing that tells you right away that this pair is ideal for sparring.

From the large attached thumb compartment to the large wrist design, it appears that these gloves are designed with your sparring needs in mind. Excellent ergonomics help you get the most out of your training sessions, which is why these gloves come highly recommended.


Durable construction

You can’t have a good pair of sparring gloves without a durable construction. Too many people complain about gloves that wear off quickly, leaving them without proper protection. Also, investing in sparring pairs over and over again can have a negative impact on their budget. All these problems are alleviated by these gloves that offer excellent value for the money. Besides being reasonably-priced, they are also highly durable, and you will be able to use them day after day for a long time.

All the components of the construction contribute to this aspect. The triple layer of dense foam offers high resistance, and you won’t notice signs of deformation over the years. Also, the shell is made from genuine leather which might take some time to break in, but also offers at least 3 years of use without significant issues. Not many other gloves on the market can provide the same durability, so this is something to bear in mind.

It seems that Fairtex didn’t cut any corners when making these gloves. The shell is thick, and even a close look at its construction will not reveal any defects of manufacturing. The smooth leather surface will remain without any signs of wear and tear, and with proper care, you might even extend the life of your gloves well beyond the 3 years already mentioned.

Even when it starts to deform, the glove won’t present the same issues as other models. The leather will break evenly and won’t cause cuts, like those made from synthetic materials may cause. You won’t have to worry unless the breaking spots grow large enough to cause some issues. Overall, this pair is highly durable, and you will get much more than your money’s worth if you decide in their favor.


Moisture-wicking properties

Several factors contribute to the overall comfort of a pair of gloves. Even if the above qualities already mentioned don’t explicitly cater to this aspect, they still help. However, some features are employed mainly to make sure that your hands are not only well protected but also enjoy the most comfort possible. Such a function is the ability of the liner on these gloves to wick the moisture fast.

At first, you may feel like the liner is a bit rougher than what you can find on other gloves. But that sensation will go away after just a few uses, and you will be pleased with the overall feel. The liner has excellent properties, and it is optimal for wicking moisture. When you spar a lot, you will notice that your hands start to sweat. Usually, that will cause a serious issue as you might not have the same control over your hands and how you land your fists.

The liner will take care of that promptly. Not only will it absorb the moisture, but it will wick itself dry quickly so that your hands remain dry and comfortable all the time. At most, you might notice a slight feeling of moisture, but the gloves will air it out fast. It is quite a feat of fabric technology employed here that takes care of this aspect.

First of all, the liner will absorb the moisture. In the second stage, it will release the sweat so that it dries, as well. This way, a system of wicking moisture and airing it is created, something that makes these gloves genuinely comfortable for any trainee who wants to spar consistently and frequently. That also makes the maintenance of these gloves easier as they won’t develop mold or create the possibility for bacteria to thrive.

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