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PowerBlock Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbell Review

Last Updated: 07.08.20


Main advantage

Every gym-goer knows about the superior quality of the equipment offered there, and that’s one of the essential reasons why they prefer a gym membership over training at home. However, this dumbbell system provides the best of both worlds, as it gives the workout enthusiast with the possibility to train at the same level of intensity as professional gym equipment.

As the system can provide 24 pounds of weight for each hand, beginners and intermediate fitness trainees will find it on par with what they can train with at a gym. That’s only one part of what makes the system a professional choice.

The overall quality of the construction is also on the same level as professional equipment. In other words, you won’t have to go to the gym and train as hard as you want, and there will be no sacrifices to be made. This system of dumbbells provides weights from 3 to 24 pounds, using 3-pound increments.

That’s the reason why the system is so useful. You can start with something small and then increase the intensity and difficulty of your training from there. Now you can have all that and without having to go to the gym several times a week.


Main disadvantage

PowerBlock is a company well-known for the high-quality fitness equipment it provides, and this system of dumbbells is part of a series that caters to people who want to train using professional dumbbells. However, it must be noted that this model doesn’t allow you to add more plates to increase weight.

Because it is non-upgradable, the dumbbells system may not be such a good buy for experienced athletes who want the ability to increase the weight they lift. Such a feature is only available on the Elite series provided by the same manufacturer, so if this system is less than what you need, you might opt for another PowerBlock product.

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Main features explained


The solid construction guarantees many years of use

When you go shopping for dumbbells or a system like this one reviewed here, you want to make sure that the investment is sound, and you won’t have to replace your training equipment any time soon. For this reason, we must take a close look at the construction of this dumbbell system. At first glance, you will notice that the system comes with only the center bar that serves as the grip.

That makes the system simple and also easy to adjust. The weight plates are made from steel, and the 2-plate sets are also connected with the help of 2 steel rods. All this steel serves to provide you with the durability you should expect from a dumbbell system. Don’t have any worries about rust and corrosion. Both the weight plates and the connecting rods are coated with enamel that protects them from such mishaps.

Even more, because of the durable enamel used, you won’t notice any scratches or chipping for a long time. In brief, these dumbbells are worth the cost, and they provide excellent value for the price. On the sustaining rods for the weight plates, the manufacturer used plastic sheets that come color-coded. Such a simple feature allows you to identify the weights you want to train with fast and easy.

Furthermore, the selector pin is made from polyurethane, and that’s a great choice because this material is heavy-duty and can support the 24 pounds maximum of weight without a problem. It can even accommodate larger weights, but since the system is not upgradable, you won’t be able to put it to the test and see how much weight it can hold. For any beginner or intermediate fitness trainee, this system is the ideal choice because of its solid construction.

Compact and intuitive design for convenient use

There is a high chance that you will fall in love with this dumbbell system from first glance. The dumbbells look sleek and interesting, and they might just motivate you to start working out since they seem so cool. Also, if you want to start training at home, it is mandatory that you pick equipment that doesn’t have a large footprint. That’s exactly what this set provides, as it doesn’t take up too much space.

Even if you have little space at your disposal, you will find it easy to accommodate this system. That’s great when you need to store it away. The system comes with a pair of dumbbells, and each one has its own box, which is another convenience that you might want to know about. Integrating your workout equipment with your other living arrangements can be a challenge, so it’s beneficial that this system is so compact.

Just think about how one of these dumbbells practically replaces 8 non-adjustable models of different weights. That’s enough to tell you that you need these dumbbells if all you can afford is the corner of a room for all your training equipment. They are not tall, and with a length of 10.5 inches and a width of 5.25 inches, you can easily tell that you’ll be able to fit them pretty much anywhere.

Another thing that must be mentioned here is the intuitive design. All you need to do is to remove the weight pin and place it where it needs to go for the weight setting you choose. That means that you will be able to switch between weights fast when you perform high-intensity interval training exercises that consist of challenges of this type. This way, you will be able to maximize the effects of your workouts.


Safe and versatile handling even for people with weak wrists

We have already talked about how these dumbbells are easy to adjust and how they vary from 3 to 24 pounds. The 3-pound increments make them incredibly versatile, and that’s extremely helpful for someone who just starts working out and wants to make a sound investment that will take him or her a long way. That said, it is essential to focus on what categories of trainees these dumbbells are for and how safe they are.

What you may notice from the very first moment you will start using these dumbbells is that they offer excellent balance. They feel exactly how they should, and you will notice how safe their handling is. They are even a good choice for people with weak wrists, due to the padded handle in place. Compare them all you want with traditional dumbbells, and you will notice that they are more compact, and they provide better balance, no matter which way you look.

You will find the locking system to be extremely safe as well. You don’t have to worry that a weight plate might fall and break your foot. They lock so well that it doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you perform. You can engage in explosive lifting or perform swinging motions, but you won’t have the unfortunate experience of weight plates flying around.

If you are looking to build muscle mass, these dumbbells are ideal. They are versatile, they are safe and easy to use, and they will provide you with the same challenges and overall performance as professional equipment that you can only find at the gym. Also, people who only look to tone their bodies a little, or shed off some extra pounds will find them just as useful.


The ergonomic handle provides a secure grip

No matter how hard you train, and how much your hands sweat, you won’t have an issue with these dumbbells. They come with ergonomic handles that are designed in such a manner that you will experience superior comfort all the time. First of all, it is intended to be held with ease, and that’s just the beginning of what makes this system so ergonomic overall. You will like the rubberized coating applied to the handle.

That creates the conditions not only for a comfortable grip but also for a secure one. Of course, many people will love it because they won’t suffer blisters and other mishaps that occur naturally with the handling of heavy equipment. It appears that the manufacturer thought about providing its clients with a system of dumbbells that will help them train for as long as they want, without having to stop because of blisters and other unpleasant outcomes.

The grip comes with neoprene coating, another feature that must be talked about at large. Because it’s non-abrasive, it prevents blisters, as explained earlier. But that is not all; this coating will absorb your sweat, which means that it makes the dumbbells secure. There will be no accidents of dumbbells slipping from your hands when you train hard. Also, it’s pretty convenient that you won’t have to wear gloves.

No other protective equipment is necessary when handling these dumbbells. For people who prefer to use their dumbbells and feel them in their hands, there could be no better design. In a nutshell, these dumbbells are comfortable to handle, and that means that you will use them for a long time without complaints. It can be said that this element of design helps you train for a long time since you’ll experience such great comfort.


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