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Top King Shin Guards Review

Last Updated: 29.05.20


Main advantage

Comfortable design

Your leg will be locked in place in this shin guard and that is because of the shin’s inside, which is thick and lightweight. The padding is strong and has been formed in such a shape that it keeps the leg in the same position. The heavy-duty straps also help with this. The closure mechanism used for these shin guards is a hook and loop one, and that secures a tight fit around the calf and ankle areas.

The two separate straps and the shin guard part are made from individual pieces of leather, and that means the user doesn’t have to worry about them being torn off when they are put under intense pressure. They will also not fall apart thanks to the strong construction and material they are made of.

Although leather is usually not the softest material when in contact with the skin, the leather straps feel soft enough on one’s leg and don’t cause lacerations. Furthermore, the backside straps have a sturdy velcro and the stitching around it has no loose edges that could fall apart. It’s also not sharp so you won’t cut yourself or your adversary accidentally in it.

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Main disadvantage

They’re bulky

Because they offer so much protection it’s almost impossible for these shin guards to also be lightweight. This is their disadvantage, as they can sometimes feel bulky and too thick, mainly because of the padding and added protection. They wouldn’t be ideal for heavy MMA groundwork.

Despite this, they can still be used while grappling as they do a decent job at that, and you won’t be forced to find another pair that sits better on your leg while grappling. Slip-on shin designs or other similar models including low-cost hook-loop designs do a worse job at that.

Main features explained



You will be glad to find out that Top King offers shin guards for all sizes, from S to M, L, and XL. The size of these guards is based on an individual’s height and the length of his or her legs. As you might expect, shorter people will do better with the S size or an M. Really tall persons will need to use the XL pair.

Deciding between the middle two sizes is the most difficult part, and if you’re an average bloke at about 5’10’’ you will be having some difficulties with that. However, you could try both sizes, M and L and you could use either of them, depending on your preferences.  If you want to avoid having bulky legs, go for the lighter M models.

The L size is recommended for those taller than 6 feet, and the extra-large size is good for those 6 feet 2 or taller. Either way, you don’t want to wear shin pads that are too large or too small. If you don’t cover the whole surface needed you will have reduced protection when you need it the most.

On the other hand, wearing guards that are too bulky will make it hard for you to move around and be an efficient fighter. People under 5 feet 6  should opt for the small size. Ultimately, it all comes down to how a particular pair fits you. That’s why it’s better to buy them from physical stores and test them before you actually make the purchase.

The good thing about these shin guards is that they come with the back straps that offer more adjustability. That’s why it doesn’t really matter how thick your legs are, as long as you are able to adjust the straps accordingly.


Comfort and protection

The concept of these shin guards is to offer as much protection as possible, and for that purpose, they have extra padded parts, especially at the front of the shin pads. This is great for those shin on shin collisions while sparring, where you want your leg to be as protected as possible. There is less padding on the sides of the guards, and that means you will need to turn your leg outwards when protecting yourself from low kicks. Otherwise, you will feel their full impact.

There are other shin guards on the market that offer better overall protection but they are also bulkier. And don’t forget that these ones feel bulky enough. With shin guards, there is a constant struggle to balance their size and the protection they offer, as with bigger shin pads comes better protection.

You will find one weak area when looking at these pads – the ankle is a weak spot. There is some elastic material surrounding your ankle but that is not well covered and as a result, it doesn’t provide much protection. If you end up hitting a bone with your ankle you will probably have a swollen ankle the next day.

It’s a compromise here as well – if you have too much padding around the ankle you will be limited in your movements. Padding takes away the mobility and makes the shin guards stiffer. Offering protection around the ankles is a tough thing to do, that’s why most brands leave them almost bare.

Compared to other similar shin guards from other brands, these ones feel well-protected where it matters, and they still offer the mobility needed for most moves. They also look good and for the average buyer, they have the looks wanted. They can stand out in a match and you could get easier recognized when using them.


Design and durability

If you’re a seasoned fighter you can tell the difference between these shin pads and others in terms of design. Comparing them to other models you can see that they have a narrower look, and that makes your legs feel less bulky, or at least look less like that. If you happen to land a powerful strike on your opponent’s shin you will be pleased with the extra protective padding placed at the front.

There is also decent protection for the feet thanks to the bottom of the shin guard covering the foot. When you eventually hit an elbow you will feel protected enough. Of course, there isn’t that much padding on the bottom part, so if you hit something it will still hurt a bit. Compared to other brands, Top King offers shin pads that actually look good and appealing, and they are products that can last for more than one year even if intensely used.

They are shin guards that are decent for both training and actual fighting and if you care for them well enough they can last years. There are some areas where your biggest issue is to keep the shin guards dry. If you’re living in a place where you know you have lots of humidity and high temperatures, or if the place you are training is like that, you will be sweating a lot.

When the shin guards get wet the hook and loop straps also get soaked on the inside, and this will cause the metal piece lining to start rusting. Of course, there isn’t much to do about that and it’s something that affects most shin guards, but the best thing to do is to try to keep them as dry as possible or replace the small metal piece if needed and if you can find a replacement.


Craftsmanship and materials

Being really well put together, the pads come with large raised sections over the shin. This adds more protection and also makes them look better. When analyzing the inside, the shin guards feel well shaped and they can fit your leg better than most other models out there. You don’t want them to sit too lose on your leg and that’s why you want to pull the straps really well to get a good fit.

That won’t affect your comfort too much thanks to the great inner shaping. Looking at the straps we can see that they measure an inch and a half in thickness and that means the velcro is capable of holding firmly. You will rarely get the straps detaching from one another. They go through a loop and secure on themselves, which means the loop doesn’t get exposed and won’t catch onto something.

This helps improve the durability of the guards as it protects against moisture or sweat. The straps are well-designed to help you get the shin guards on without much fuss. You can get the guards tight on your leg with the help of the straps that don’t slip and prevent unwanted movement.

Stitches are also neatly done, and you can rarely find any loose ends, as they are also positioned to be as hidden as possible. The piping outside the shin guards is tidy and well put together. While the outer material is leather that feels durable and is smooth to touch, there is more to the guards than that.

The inside lining is comfortable, and although it’s not the softest you’ve ever felt, it has a good grip that prevents your leg from sliding around in it and rubbing against it. The guard feels like a whole piece, with the inner lining being so well attached that it almost feels like it’s part of the padding.

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