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Should Children Get into Wrestling?

  While this review on Running Snail has you covered for tough or critical situations, it still pays off to be able to remain cool and collected. If you want your child to have the same values, wrestling is a great sport to pick up because it teaches and demands discipline, commitment, and implies constantly […]

10 Best Football Visors Compared & Reviewed

  Best Football Visor Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide   This article will help you find out about the best football visors out there, especially if you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands to look for this on your own. After carefully studying the quality and value boasted […]

5 Best Football Cleats – Comparison & Reviews

  The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Football Cleat + Reviews   If you’re in the market for the best football cleats but you don’t have the time to look at all of the products available, this short paragraph will show you which model to get. After extensive analysis, we’ve concluded that the model […]

Rocky Marciano | Everything You Need to Know

  Rocky Marciano was a highly popular American professional boxer who went on to become world heavyweight champion, and who remains known for his unrivaled 49-fight winning streak. Our recent post on boxing champions shows that defending the title is not an easy thing to do, but Marciano managed to keep his six times before […]

All You Need to Know About Joe Frazier

  If you’ve been going through Wavemaster punching bag reviews, then you surely know that Joe Frazier is one of the most popular heavyweight boxing champions in the sport’s history. His powerful left hook and short punches managed to secure the title, many victories, and three legendary fights against Muhammad Ali, including the Thrilla of […]

George Foreman | Everything You Need to Know

  If you are familiar with the best Wavemaster punching bag and its performance, then you surely know that George Foreman is a famous American boxer, today retired, who was the world heavyweight champion two times, once in his 20s and once in his 40s. He is also known for this career as a pitchman […]

The Life Story of Mike Tyson

  Mike Tyson is a professional boxer who became the youngest heavyweight champion in 1986 when he was only 20 years old. His life story is filled with both success and failure from every point of view, and he has been the subject of many controversies, but if you want to match his incredible performance […]

How to Become a Professional Boxer in the US

  Becoming a professional boxer is a very difficult job, as one needs to be in top physical and mental condition, meet the requirements of various authorities, and compete at an amateur level first. Pro athletes need to obtain the necessary licenses, as well as have the right training gear – you can check it […]

Competitive Boxing Isn’t for Everyone

  Simply buying a reflex bag will not get you to the pros. While many people try boxing, making a career out of it is much harder than it looks. This is a tough and dangerous sport where mental preparation is as important as the physical one and many people are simply not up to […]

Who Is the Richest Boxer in the World?

  Even if kickboxing bag reviews can be used to buy a boxing bag, the amount of money you spend is not always proportional to its performance. However, professional boxers more than make up for that spending with the purses they earn. Out of all of them, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is far and away in […]

Who Has the Longest Undefeated Streak in Boxing?

  Even though there are some insanely cool kickboxing items flooding the market right now – you can check it out here –  plain ol’ boxing still stands to this day as the king of combat sports. While its natural evolution has made it easier for some and harder for others when it comes to […]

The Greatest Undefeated Boxers of All Time

  While our recent post has shown you some very good punching bags, we can assure you that the following people needed much more in their quest to make history. Boxers like Rocky Marciano and Joe Calzaghe carved their names and legacies by fighting often, fighting anywhere, and winning everything.   Why this is important […]