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How Much Do Boxing Tickets Cost?

  Boxing tickets usually are reasonably priced, but not if you want to be witness to a significant event. Some may be more expensive than the Ringside shoes for boxing you might want to purchase for your training. Here, you will find more about boxing tickets and why some can be so excessively expensive. UFC, […]

How Many Rounds Are In Boxing?

  Boxing is a popular sport, and, like any sport, has its fair share of rules. You can learn more about that from our recent post, but in this one, we will focus on answering the question above, regarding how many rounds are currently in boxing. As expected, boxing has quite a long history, and […]

What Are Punching Bags Made Of?

  If you’re looking to become more knowledgeable regarding this interesting topic, we provided more info here. The outer shell of punching bags is usually made of leather, synthetic leather, nylon or even canvas.The inside part of the bag could be filled with sand, textiles, water, or a combination of two different materials. Choosing the […]

BOB Punching Bags – Common Issues and Fixes

  If you are looking to step up your training, a BOB punching bag is a piece of great equipment to have. However, you should check the online BOB punching bag reviews in order to make the choice that suits you best. Despite being really useful for your training due to its lifelike shape, the […]

How to Fill a BOB Punching Bag

  A Body Opponent Bag or a BOB punching bag is a piece of great equipment to have for your training sessions. As the name says it, this punching bag has a shape that resembles the human body. It even has a mean-looking face in order to motivate you to hit it harder. Unlike other […]

How to Clean a BOB Punching Bag

  There are a few things that you should be aware of if you are looking to have the best BOB punching bag. One of them is the right way to clean your training equipment. It is important to keep the training equipment as clean as possible. It doesn’t matter if you are training by […]

How High Should a Punching Bag Be?

  If you’re training to become a successful fighter or just to get in shape, you’ll find the following article to be helpful, so check it out before you start. The height of a punching bag depends on the training equipment you are using, your fighting style, experience, and training purpose. The correct set up […]

What Size Double End Bag Is Right for Me?

  If you’re trying to find the best double end bag to purchase but still have to make up your mind, you’ll find more info here. Since this type of bag requires some time to get used to it, it’s probably a good idea to do some sound research before buying it as it’s very […]

What Is a Double End Bag Used For?

  Many professional fighters use double end bags to perfect their game and technique in order to become better overall. However, outside the sport, not many people know exactly why they are so good and valued by those who hit other people for a living.   How Did It Come To Be? The sport of […]

How to Hit a Double End Bag

  The double end bag is one of the most unique and versatile tools in the training arsenal of a boxer. While scantily used in the amateur categories, it has been proven to bring great benefits when used properly as it offers a great variety of training possibilities and exercises.   How Did We Get […]

How to Hang a Double End Bag

  According to double end bag reviews, using one of these is a great way to improve a plethora of your boxing-related characteristics. However, not many people know exactly what is required to install one, when in fact it’s not that complicated, to begin with.   What Is A Double End Bag Though? Also known […]

How Can Boxing Change Your Life? 

  Although it is a full-contact sport that remains amongst the most dangerous in the world, boxing can truly change your life in ways you’ve never even thought of. If you don’t fear a KO, check it out and you’ll see that boxing can actually have a positive impact on your cardiovascular system, help you […]