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Is Wrestling Good For Self Defense?

  Your New Year’s resolution this year was learning self-defense techniques, so you got your youth wrestling shoes, from your short days of doing wrestling in high school and you’re ready to roll. The problem is, you’re not exactly sure whether this is the best martial art to learn just for knowing how to protect […]

Can You Use Boxing Gloves for Kickboxing?

  So you want to switch your fighting style and move from boxing to kickboxing, but you only own, for example, a pair of boxing gloves by Winning. You obviously ask yourself if it is okay to continue to use them or perhaps you have to acquire a different pair of gloves. In the following […]

Is Wrestling Staged?

  Even though wrestling singlets have become a symbol for the amateur part of the sport, these days everybody is busy tuning in to watch “professional wrestling”, most of them choosing the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Since people got bored of watching two wrestlers throw each other in a ring for almost 1 hour every […]

Can Boxing Gloves Be Too Big?

  When fighters buy Title, Cleto Reyes, Winning or Venum boxing gloves, they also have to pay attention to what size they are acquiring. Fighting gloves come in many shapes and sizes. Although the glove size is generally a matter of personal preference, there are still some guidelines that you can follow in order to […]

What Colleges Have Wrestling?

  If wrestling mats have become a second home for your child, it is only natural that you would want him to use his athletic abilities to get into college. Nowadays, this is easier said than done with a lot of high school students fighting over getting those athletic scholarships. The process is so tenuous, […]

Can You Put Boxing Gloves in the Dryer?

  Even Winning boxing gloves get wet after you’ve worn them during a long training session or an official boxing match. No matter how well ventilated a pair of gloves may be, it still may get soaked with sweat and develop bad odors. The worst part is that if you don’t clean your gloves properly […]

How Should Wrestling Shoes Fit?

  You’ve set out on the road to becoming a wrestler so wrestling headgear was one of the first things you thought you need to buy. While very true and certainly an essential part of your future wrestler attire, headgear is not the only thing you need to worry about. Shoes are one of the […]

Can Boxing Gloves Be Washed?

  Reviews of boxing gloves by Venum as well as other sources of information concerning this essential boxing gear will tell you at some point about how difficult or how easy a certain pair is to clean. When using a pair of gloves for a longer period of time, or just after an intense training […]

Is MMA Good for Self Defense?

  MMA is a great sport that helps your physical health, fitness, confidence, and mental health but it is just as good for self-defense. Whether you are at the gym in your MMA shorts, or at home just now considering pursuing this sport, this article will explore the reasons why and the different situations in […]

Why Are Boxing Gloves Weighted?

  Title boxing gloves are a great choice if you need a pair of sturdy, resistant ones for your matches. When it comes to boxing, you seriously need some hand protection so you will not get injured due to the excessive punching involved. However, when you buy a new pair of gloves, you will have […]

How to Learn Mixed Martial Arts at Home

  While nothing can beat in-person training, if your options are limited and you have all your equipment ready including your MMA gloves and a heavy bag, you can learn mixed martial arts in the comfort of your home. In the informative article below, we will present you some tips and tricks about how to […]

Why Are Boxing Gloves Padded?

  If you check out reviews of boxing gloves by Title you will quickly see a wide display of boxing gloves most of which have very good comments about their performance. Boxers will demand a lot of things from their gloves in order for them to be successful. They need to have a certain weight, […]