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How Should Wrestling Shoes Fit?

  You’ve set out on the road to becoming a wrestler so wrestling headgear was one of the first things you thought you need to buy. While very true and certainly an essential part of your future wrestler attire, headgear is not the only thing you need to worry about. Shoes are one of the […]

Can Boxing Gloves Be Washed?

  Reviews of boxing gloves by Venum as well as other sources of information concerning this essential boxing gear will tell you at some point about how difficult or how easy a certain pair is to clean. When using a pair of gloves for a longer period of time, or just after an intense training […]

Is MMA Good for Self Defense?

  MMA is a great sport that helps your physical health, fitness, confidence, and mental health but it is just as good for self-defense. Whether you are at the gym in your MMA shorts, or at home just now considering pursuing this sport, this article will explore the reasons why and the different situations in […]

Why Are Boxing Gloves Weighted?

  Title boxing gloves are a great choice if you need a pair of sturdy, resistant ones for your matches. When it comes to boxing, you seriously need some hand protection so you will not get injured due to the excessive punching involved. However, when you buy a new pair of gloves, you will have […]

How to Learn Mixed Martial Arts at Home

  While nothing can beat in-person training, if your options are limited and you have all your equipment ready including your MMA gloves and a heavy bag, you can learn mixed martial arts in the comfort of your home. In the informative article below, we will present you some tips and tricks about how to […]

Why Are Boxing Gloves Padded?

  If you check out reviews of boxing gloves by Title you will quickly see a wide display of boxing gloves most of which have very good comments about their performance. Boxers will demand a lot of things from their gloves in order for them to be successful. They need to have a certain weight, […]

Do Mixed Martial Arts Have Belts?

  The short answer to the question is no, but if you want to learn more about this subject, we have prepared an informative article below. Step aside from your MMA punching bag for a second if you want to find why there is no belt system for mixed martial arts and we’ll also let […]

How Heavy Can Boxing Gloves Be?

  Everlast boxing gloves are known as some of the best gloves in the world, but that alone is not the sole characteristic you should rely on when choosing your new pair. Since gloves are vital equipment for your success in the world of boxing, it really pays off to be informed and know exactly […]

Does Muay Thai Work in a Real Fight?

  Muay Thai is a great sport to help you get in shape, eliminate stress as well as take part in an active hobby. If you are new to this sport, you can take a look at our other article if you want to get the right Muay Thai shin guards and any other gear […]

Can You Use Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai?

  If you’ve wanted to use Everlast boxing gloves for a while now, but you never had the chance, you should take some time and also figure out what sport you want to try. You may have been interested in trying out boxing or going completely wild and learning Muay Thai. The problem here is […]

Can Muay Thai Gloves Be Used for Boxing?

  While it is not the end of the world if you use the wrong gloves, we have prepared an article that will show you the main differences between Muay Thai gloves and traditional boxing gloves. The two are fairly similar, but the sports are very different which means that the equipment needed can vary […]

Can Muay Thai Build Muscle?

  While you can get athletic, and have a well-toned body with Muay Thai, you won’t be able to get a bodybuilder type just by working out with your Muay Thai jump ropes and other gear. While the short answer to this question is yes, for the best results, your sessions will need to be […]