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What Is a Double End Bag Used For?

  Many professional fighters use double end bags to perfect their game and technique in order to become better overall. However, outside the sport, not many people know exactly why they are so good and valued by those who hit other people for a living.   How Did It Come To Be? The sport of […]

How to Hang a Double End Bag

  According to double end bag reviews, using one of these is a great way to improve a plethora of your boxing-related characteristics. However, not many people know exactly what is required to install one, when in fact it’s not that complicated, to begin with.   What Is A Double End Bag Though? Also known […]

How Can Boxing Change Your Life? 

  Although it is a full-contact sport that remains amongst the most dangerous in the world, boxing can truly change your life in ways you’ve never even thought of. If you don’t fear a KO, check it out and you’ll see that boxing can actually have a positive impact on your cardiovascular system, help you […]

How to Make a Double End Bag Tighter? 

  Double end bags are a must for all boxers, whether they’re professionals or newbies because they allow you to work on various punching techniques and improve your speed. And, if you’re considering going for a tighter one, our recent post and experience will tell you that the best way to adjust tightness is to […]

Venum – The Story of a Brand

  Venum is a world-renowned brand that started in France, some 15 years ago, founded by Franck Dupuis, and it stands for producing originally designed high-quality sports equipment. The brand grew fast, soon becoming very popular, and some of the world’s best boxing gloves are the Venum gloves for boxing. If you have ever considered […]

Are Boxing Gloves Allowed on Planes?

  Boxing gloves are allowed on planes as long as you put them in your check-in luggage. As shown in our recent article, they will not be accepted by airlines in your carry-on luggage. You need to check with the airline what the rules and regulations concerning boxing gear are before you purchase a plane […]

How to Clean Venum Boxing Gloves

  Boxing gloves need to be dried after every use, as well as cleaned as often as possible. If you are looking for more information on the topic, you should know that the use of chemical substances is to be avoided, as vinegar and water solutions are the most suitable ones. While boxing gloves are […]

What You Should Know About the Canadian Wrestling Scene

  If you are interested in the Canadian wrestling scene, and the special features it has compared to the wrestling scenes of other countries, detailed information will be provided to you in the following lines, so you might want to check it out here. But first, let’s take a closer look at what wrestling is, […]

The Australian Wrestling Scene

  When looking for reviews of the best wrestling shoes for youth, you might want to also take a look at the local wrestling scene for better insight on this product. Young wrestlers look up to older, more experienced wrestlers and do their best to surpass expectations. Having a role model has proved to be […]

What Is Mongolian Wrestling?

  If you are searching for more information on this interesting topic, you may find the following article to be of great use to you. Mongolian wrestling represents a unique traditional sport in Mongolia, that has been around for centuries. In traditional Mongolian society, wrestlers practicing this sport have an important cultural status, because they […]

Why Do Some Professional Boxers Not Wear Headgear?

  Even though choosing a pair of Everlast gloves for boxing is not something you can go wrong with, what about headgear? Time and time again, this topic has been one of the most debated in the world of boxing. Should professional boxers start wearing it or should amateur ones wear it less? Despite the […]

Why Do Boxers Use Vaseline?

  If you’ve already thought about getting a pair of Title gloves for boxing, chances are you are starting to take your journey very seriously and therefore need to get the best gear available to help with your training and fighting. There are many things one needs to do to keep himself as safe as […]