Competitive Boxing Isn’t for Everyone

  Simply buying a reflex bag will not get you to the pros. While many people try boxing, making a career out of it is much harder than it looks. This is a tough and dangerous sport where mental preparation is as important as the physical one and many people are simply not up to […]

Who Is the Richest Boxer in the World?

  Even if kickboxing bag reviews can be used to buy a boxing bag, the amount of money you spend is not always proportional to its performance. However, professional boxers more than make up for that spending with the purses they earn. Out of all of them, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is far and away in […]

Who Has the Longest Undefeated Streak in Boxing?

  Even though there are some insanely cool kickboxing items flooding the market right now – you can check it out here –  plain ol’ boxing still stands to this day as the king of combat sports. While its natural evolution has made it easier for some and harder for others when it comes to […]

The Greatest Undefeated Boxers of All Time

  While our recent post has shown you some very good punching bags, we can assure you that the following people needed much more in their quest to make history. Boxers like Rocky Marciano and Joe Calzaghe carved their names and legacies by fighting often, fighting anywhere, and winning everything.   Why this is important […]

How to Start a Boxing Club

  Even though finding more info here will help you in your quest for a good boxing bag, would-be boxing gym owners need to do so much more than that. Other than boxing experience, good knowledge in management, good social skills as well as a pretty deep pocket are all requirements to start out in […]

How to Begin a Boxing Career

  While you can find out more about getting a good boxing bag just by reading reflex bag reviews, starting out on a boxing career will demand a lot more than that. Aspiring boxers have to work for many years to get their body and their skill to a good-enough level, while the industry is […]

Diversify Your Exercise Routine with Fitness Boxing

  You’ll be happy to know that getting the best reflex bag is not only something for people who do boxing. Due to their busy schedules and overwhelming days, more and more people opt for two-in-one fitness classes which combine some type of cardio with some type of weight training to offer great results in […]

How Is Boxing Scored?

  Whether you’re planning on taking the boxing world by surprise or just sparring at the local gym, you might want to check the online reviews of boxing shoes by Adidas. Before you step into the ring, you should know that judges use the 10-point system to determine the winner. On each round, they give […]

When Was Boxing Invented?

  Boxing is one of the first martial arts and is certainly here to stay as its popularity is only growing among fans and young athletes. So before you put on your Adidas shoes for boxing, take the time to appreciate the sport’s history and those who helped it develop. It is hard to say […]

What Is the Longest Boxing Match?

  If you think you are going the distance when training on your kickboxing bag, you should check some of the longest matches in boxing’s history. Before boxing rules reached today’s form, fights were going on for multiple hours or a great number of rounds. Records are stating that some fights lasted for more than […]

How Often Do Boxers Fight?

  If you are wondering how regularly you can spar after training on your best kickboxing bag, you should check how often boxers fight. The answer depends on multiple factors. An upcoming boxer will fight more often to increase the number of won matches. Also, how much money he/she wants to pile up during a […]

How Many Calories Does Boxing Burn?

  If you are looking for a new method to lose some weight and finally get your summer body, you should check it out here as we discuss why boxing might be the best calorie burner. How many calories you burn during a training session depends on how active you are, the type of boxing […]